(Metagame Archive) A Call to Arms: Marvel Faction War

By Alex Shvartsman

Calling all judges, demo team members, store owners, and rabid fans.

The Marvel Trading Card Game (TCG) is either available at a store near you now, or will be within the next few days. You and many of your friends are probably excited about the game, but you may need an extra push to get into the game and buy your first cards.

Even though there’s no official prerelease tournament for the Marvel game, a small event to celebrate the new game is a great way for players to get their first taste of it. Chances are good that many players already have some experience with the decks available in the Starter Set. Faction War is the perfect format for them.

In a Faction War, each player receives either the X-Men or Brotherhood deck that comes in the Starter Set and two additional Origins boosters. The cards in the boosters are used to enhance the original decks and replace some of the cards that were in them initially. The end result needs to be a deck of exactly 45 cards. Players will then compete in a tournament to determine which faction is the strongest, with prizes going to the winner of the tournament and the top finisher from the opposing faction.

This format is great for several reasons. First, it will allow players to compete using solid, well-balanced decks. It will also give less-experienced fans an introduction to deck building and tournament play. Finally, it will give those players who have only used the Starter decks before a chance to experience the true strategic depth of the game by exploring the many strategies not featured in the Starter product.

My own store, Kings Games, will be hosting a Faction War tournament this Sunday at 5 p.m. If you are a Marvel fan in the New York area, I hope you can make it here. You can find directions and details at http://web.archive.org/web/20070424191532/http://www.kingsgames.com/.

Questions or comments about this article?  Please feel free to e-mail me directly, ashv at kingsgames dot com.


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