(Metagame Archive) Web of Spider-Man Preview: Decoy Program

By Danny Mandel

I was planning on following up my last article  with a continuation of the mailbag theme, as well as a look at how we set up rarities. But then there was this whole Gen Con Indy/Pro Circuit thing, and things kind of got sidetracked, so I decided to push that article back in favor of doing a post–Pro Circuit wrap-up. But then there was this whole Web Of Spider-Man imminent release thing, and things kind of got sidetracked again (because Toby threatened to kill me and/or make me hang out with Humpherys if I didn’t write a card preview), and I decided to push that article back as well. For those of you keeping track, next week will be the post–Pro Circuit wrap-up, the week after that will be Mailbag 2, and the week after that will be setting up rarities. For those of you who’ve already moved onto the actual preview, you’re not reading this anyway, so never mind.

Doom Triumphant

Everybody knows Dr. Doom can’t be beaten. (I mean in the comics, not in the game. Unless Omeed* is playing Doom, in which case I mean both.) Whenever you think the Fantastic Four finally got the drop on him, it would turn out just to be a Doom-Bot they’ve defeated. And even when it was really, really, really him . . . it still wasn’t him. (That’s what I tell myself when I go to sleep at night. Well, it’s one of the things** I tell myself.) There’s actually this theory on the Internet that says whenever Dr. Doom is written as a powerful, smart, and completely awesome character, it’s actually him. At any other time, it’s just a Doom-Bot, regardless of whether or not the comic actually says it was. This theory allows you to customize and optimize your own personal Dr. Doom.

And now, after months of waiting, you can accessorize him too! Yay!

Ich Bin Ein Latverian
Ask not what your Decoy Program can do for you; ask what you can do for your Decoy Program. You can pretty much put it in a sleeve and try not to scuff it up.

Maybe we should talk about what it can do for you . . .

First of all, you can only equip it to an Army Doom character. That means Doom Guards, Tibetan Monks (they were brainwashed, you know), the Robot quadruplets (We Must Obey Doom becomes We Must Be Doom), and of course, the thematically ideal Doom-Bots. But what about team-ups? Might we see Wild Sentinels mystically paralyze their opponents, Gotham Police hiding behind Doomstadt’s massive walls, or my personal favorite, Boris, Personal Servant of Wildebeest***?

Now, let’s answer some of your questions.

Decoy Program turns my character into Dr. Doom?

Yup. The character loses its old name and gains the name Dr. Doom. Plot twists that work for the real Dr. Doom, like Mystical Paralysis, Bitter Rivals, or Doomstadt, will work the same for the decoy.

What happens if I already control a character named Dr. Doom when I equip the Decoy Program?

The game only checks for uniqueness when you recruit a character. Putting Decoy Program on one of your characters won’t get rid of any other Dr. Dooms you control. That’s right, you get to have two Dr. Dooms. Doomstadt affects both of them, Latveria reinforces both of them, and Kraven the Hunter can hunt both of them.

What happens if I have a Decoy Program on a Doom-Bot and then I recruit Dr. Doom?

You get a sad decoy that is put into the KO’d pile when you recruit a new Dr. Doom, just like any other Dr. Doom you control.

What happens if my Decoy gets stunned?

Just like all equipment, when the character to which it’s equipped gets stunned, the equipment turns off. This means the Army character goes back to having its normal name while it’s stunned. When it recovers, it will become Dr. Doom again.

If I put Decoy Program on my Doom-Bot, can I still use Doom-Bot’s payment power?

Yes. When a card says something like “KO Doom-Bot >>> Blah Blah Blah,” the word “Doom-Bot” really means [This card].

Now, if the card said “KO a character named Doom-Bot >>> Blah Blah Blah,” then you would have to KO a character who is actually named Doom-Bot.

Can a Decoy Doom-Bot KO itself to ready itself?

Yes, but the end result will be a KO’d (and probably confused) Doom-Bot.

Can a Decoy Tibetan Monk activate to make itself bigger?

Yes. Yes it can. Three times bigger!

If I spent my 3 resource points to recruit a Doom-Bot this turn and then put a Decoy Program on it, can I play Reign of Terror?

No, you cheater monkey. Reign of Terror checks to see if you recruited Dr. Doom this turn. When you recruited the character, its name was still Doom-Bot. Just because it got delusions of grandeur a bit later doesn’t mean it’s that terrifying.

Why do you guys keep making cards that hurt the Sentinels?

It’s Matt Hyra’s fault. He’s a mutie.

That’s all I’ve got for Decoy Program. Tune in next week for some of the stuff I talked about in that first paragraph.

Please send questions or comments to dmandel@metagame.com.

*One of my favorite things about Omeed is that when I use my spellchecker and his name pops up, I get to “ignore” him, which is something I unfortunately can’t do in real life.

**I also tell myself the X-Men are tier 1 and that San Diego isn’t going to fall into the ocean.

***It could happen. You just need Deathstroke and a team-up. And some cooking oil.


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