(Metagame Archive) Pro Circuit Indy Starts Friday!

Justin Gary

  We are only two days away from PC Indy, and the excitement is building. The Indy event will herald the second season of the Pro Circuit—and the payout of another million dollars in prize money. PC Indy will also be the high profile debut of the DC Modern Age format. Marvel Modern Age was a great chance for players to try out new teams and strategies, astonish us with their creativity, and showcase their deck building skills—it will be exciting to see what DC has in store for us. In addition, Upper Deck will officially be announcing the next Marvel set, and I overheard that Organized Play will also have some exciting new tournament information to announce. Stay tuned to Metagame’s coverage of the event for more details.      

Word on the street is that whatever the best deck is, it is going to involve Green Lantern Corps cards. Green Lantern has been regarded almost universally as a powerhouse set; this leaves Superman, Man of Steel as the dark horse to take the title. Don’t count Superman out, though. Fan site message boards are alive with discussion about which Superman cards can be abused against the prevalent Green Lantern strategies. I wouldn’t be surprised if some pros have discovered a Superman/Green Lantern hybrid or even—*gasp*—a Superman-only deck that could dominate the field.

Even without a surprise Superman deck, there will be a lot of interesting action to watch for at the PC. With all of the search effects in Green Lantern, every individual card choice matters, and the top players have been agonizing over those decisions for months now. Top-level teams are having a very difficult time deciding on which build of GLEE is the correct one, whether an Anti-Matter Kiman deck can beat GLEE, and whether Manhunters can survive in the late game. Those of you considering playing in the DC Modern $10K on Saturday or the upcoming DC Modern PCQ season would be well advised to watch the coverage closely.

Also of interest is the draft portion of the PC. People should know what to expect from the well-explored Green Lantern set in draft, but The Avengers is still largely untested. Learning how to change your draft ratios to enable the Avengers reservist strategy and knowing when to gamble on a challenging but powerful strategy like Squadron no-hand are key to understanding this format. There are very few articles out there on Avengers draft strategy, but I’ll be on site doing draft coverage on Saturday to find out what the pros think of Avengers draft.

As always, Vs. R&D will be present at the Pro Circuit. It is part of our job to stay in touch with the Vs. community and get feedback from the players, so come by and let us know what you think of the game—and how we can make it better. Gen Con is a great event, and it’s a lot of fun whether you are playing in the PC or not. Come out and see for yourself, or check out the live Metagame coverage all weekend long!


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