(Metagame Archive) Alternate Art Magneto in Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #1!

By Metagame Staff

Are you a fan of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? Here’s your chance to get your hands on a special alternate-art Magneto, Master of Magnetism!


The Vs. System trading card game is bringing you an opportunity to get your hands on a rare piece of Magneto memorabilia! With Marvel’s exciting return to the newsstand comes a golden opportunity for Vs. aficionados—a never-before-seen alternate art Magneto, Master of Magnetism will be included in select issues of “Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #1”. This card will feature all-new art and flavor text from Marvel’s upcoming “House of M” storyline.
It’s the Marvel event of the decade, and starting June 22, issues will be available at your local comic retailer, as well as 7-11, Walgreens Pharmacy locations, and Blockbuster Video stores. Pick one up to get your hands on the new and improved Master of Magnetism!

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