(Metagame Archives) Introducing StarCityVS.com!

Press Release 

Introducing StarCityVS.com!

Before Upper Deck launched the VS System TCG, StarCity was asked to create a new website dedicated to the game. Unfortunately, other major projects prevented us from doing so . . . until now.

Today, I am proud to introduce the newest member of the StarCity family . . . StarCityVS.com!

If you are familiar with the StarCity name, you already have a fairly good idea of what you can expect to see from StarCityVS.com. However, for those unfamiliar with us, I’ll be a bit more specific:

  • Quality Articles from Top-Rated Players
    StarCity has a worldwide reputation for quality, and StarCityVS.com will work hard to strengthen that reputation. We already have many high-profile members of the VS community lined up to write for us, and expect many more to continually come on board!
  • Active Forum Community
    If it’s happening in VS, it’s being discussed in the StarCityVS.com forums! Join and share your thoughts with the rest of the VS community!
  • Ask the Judge!
    Got a rules question at three in the morning? Ask our Virtual VS System Judge! The answers are at your fingertips – but if you can’t find it, then submit your question and it will soon be answered!

We are still in the process of reprogramming our card and deck databases to accommodate VS cards. Once that is done, we will also be adding:

  • Complete VS System Card Database
    All VS card information, card images and real-time pricing will soon be at your fingertips . . . powered by the completely searchable StarCityVS.com card database!
  • The Ultimate VS Deck Database
    StarCity Events is Upper Deck’s largest Premier Tournament Organizer. This unique position gives us immediate access to countless sets of T8 decklists, and StarCityVS.com fans can expect to see that information presented in the most powerful VS Deck database available!

Enjoy the site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with suggestions or constructive criticism. I’m more than willing to listen, and will do anything I can to improve the site and provide a better resource for the VS community.

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling
President, StarCityVS.com


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