(Metagame Archive) New $10K Prize Structure Announced!

By Metagame Staff

Dear Players,

Upper Deck Entertainment is happy to announce a new, better prize structure for $10K Championships, starting at this weekend’s $10K Championship at Wizard World Chicago.

This new prize structure is based on player feedback. In addition to increasing prizes across the board, we have also extended prizes down to the 24th place for all tournaments to better synchronize the prize payout with our Sealed Pack tournament format. You can find the new prize structure posted here:

UDE $10,000 Championships

Previous $10K Convention Championships
A list of the previous $10K Convention Championships.
10 thousand dollars
10 Pro Circuit invitations
10 Pro Circuit points to the victor
10K Championships Schedule and Format
A schedule of upcoming 10K Championships.
Upper Deck Entertainment loves to reward its most dedicated players with great prizes! The $10,000 Championships are a way for dedicated players to win fortune and fame.
Everyone is Welcome!

These tournaments are open to all players, even those with no TCG experience or those already qualified for the Pro Circuit.

Win a spot on the Pro Circuit!

The top 10 finishers win invitations (10 PC credits) to the exclusive UDE Pro Circuit, which features regular $250,000 tournaments around the world.

$10K Championship Prizes

Everyone can use extra cash! The top 24 finishers will win a total of $10,000.

1st Place $2500 (Prize Card & Check) 24 packs
2nd Place $1500 (Prize Card & Check) 24 packs
3rd-4th $1000 (Prize Card & Check) 24 packs
5th-8th   $500 (Prize Card) 24 packs
9th-12th   $400 (Prize Card) 12 packs
13th-20th   $300 (Prize Card)  
21st-24th   $200 (Prize Card)  

Every $10K champion will also receive:

  • A magnificent championship trophy
  • Entrance into the UDE Hall-of-Fame

Top 4 ranked players with 9 or less lifetime PCCs will receive:

  • Amateur prize of $250 (Prize Card)
  • 12 booster packs of the current Vs. System set

Top 64 players will also receive:

  • A collectable metal deck box
  • A Vs. System T-Shirt
  • An extended art promo card

Top 64 players receive this foil “extended art” promo card
Constructed Tournament Format

Players bring their own constructed-format Vs. System decks, with 60 cards minimum. Players are expected to accurately complete a decklist of their cards before the tournament begins.

Players will be randomly paired for the first round, and then will be paired against people with similar records until enough rounds are completed to cut to the top 8. On day two, the top 8 players will play-off for the championship!

Sealed Pack Tournament Format

Players are given 5 boosters of the latest Vs. System set to construct their 30 card deck. Players are expected to accurately register the cards they open and the cards they intend to play.

Players will be randomly paired for the first round, and then will be paired against people with similar records until enough rounds are completed to cut to the top 24. On day two, the top 24 players will draft to play-off for the championship!

Tournament Length

$10K Championships start in the morning and end in the evening. If you perform well in the tournament, you should expect to stay late into the evening hours. Top 8 of Constructed $10K Championships and Top 24 of Sealed Pack $10K Championships play-off on day two. If you do poorly, you could drop out after lunch and play in other side tournaments throughout the day. Always arrive at least one hour before the scheduled start time to register.

For More Information

All of UDE’s tournament policies are available at ude.com/policy.
Marvel TCG website.
DC Comics TCG website.

Questions? Email ude@upperdeck.com.



The new prize structure will appeal to both professional and casual players in a number of ways. Professional players will enjoy more balanced third- and fourth-place prize payouts, as well as a payout boost for most of the Top 8. We feel that this change will give more professional players an incentive to travel to $10,000 Championships. Casual players weren’t forgotten in this new payout structure, either. In addition to extending the cash payouts down to 24th place and generally upping most individual payouts, we have introduced a new prize payout for casual players, called the Amateur Prize.

Amateur Prizes of $250 will be given out to the top four players with nine or fewer lifetime Pro Circuit Credits. These prizes are awarded to the top four amateurs, in addition to any other prizes they may receive in the tournament. To distribute the amateur prizes fairly, we will not exclude players that have received but not yet used a ratings invite for the Pro Circuit.

As always, we would like to thank our entire player base for making this game a leader in the industry! We hope to see you at the $10K Championship this weekend at Wizard World Chicago.

Thank you,

Premier Events Team

Upper Deck Entertainment


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