(Metagame Archive) UDE Comes to BlizzCon!

By Brandon Male 

World of Warcraft enthusiasts gathered together with thousands of other Blizzard Entertainment fans this weekend in Anaheim, California, for BlizzCon, a convention that showcased Blizzard’s various video games and other gaming products. Those who braved the long entry lines were greeted by a dark hall where strategically positioned television monitors lit the way to dramatic displays of Blizzard’s creativity. The creativity of the community was also apparent in the wild costumes that many people wore to the event.

Upper Deck attended BlizzCon to preview the World of Warcraft TCG and demo the Vs. System. The much-anticipated World of Warcraft TCG, which is inspired by the popular Warcraft universe, is still in development. Upper Deck artists Dave Dorman and Andrew Robinson entertained Warcraft fans by creating two painted figures from the World of Warcraft universe right on the convention floor.

Convention attendees were able to get a first-hand look at some of Blizzard’s upcoming attractions. The long-anticipated World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Legion, was revealed at last. Gamers were given the opportunity to try out the expansion at one of the many Blizzard-provided computers, and many braved the long lines to experience even a short time playing the role of one of the game’s two new races, the blood elves.

Many attendees viewed the battleground tournament as the centerpiece of the convention. Players took their places on opposing teams to wage war against their opponents. After each combat, the victors remained and the defeated team yielded to new challengers. In the end, the remaining team faced-off against the Blizzard developers in a player vs. player battle!

The convention also offered a further glimpse of Starcraft: Ghost, as well as live panels by Blizzard developers and other creators of note in the gaming industry. The more daring attendees scaled a climbing wall straight from Blackrock or clashed with other participants in the jousting area.

All in all, BlizzCon vividly displayed Blizzard’s products, especially the highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansion. Keep checking back at Metagame.com for more news and developments about Upper Deck’s upcoming World of Warcraft TCG!


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