(Metagame Archive) UDE Statement on Hans Höh’s Disqualification at Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2005

By Russell Pippin

Hans Höh was disqualified from Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2005 (20th Nov) based on the decision of the Head Judge that he had cheated by illegally replacing a resource.

The UDE Penalty Committee considered all relevant materials regarding this disqualification; this includes statements from the Head Judge, all other judges involved, and the players themselves. The committee examined the information in great detail and came to conclusion that the actions of Mr. Höh were consistent with cheating.

Therefore the committee is assigning a suspension of three years from all sanctioned UDE tournament play. UDE takes matters of cheating very seriously.  UDE strives to make the tournament experience a fair and enjoyable one for all involved.

Russell Pippin

Tournament Commissioner

Upper Deck Entertainment


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