(Metagame Archive) Fan Card Crossover!

By The Ben Seck

Before I worked in game design and development, I used to have a lot of fun making my own “fantasy” cards for Vs. System that depicted my favorite heroes and villains. Now we’re giving you, the fans, a chance to have your ideas contribute to an actual Vs. card!

Every week, we’re going to present you with some choices on what kind of card you want to design. You’ll make decisions about affiliations, character selections, mechanics, ATK and DEF values, and even art! Your votes and input will matter, and you’ll see the evolution from a concept to a real card that will see print in the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes set. Along the way, I’ll give you my ideas and opinions as a designer to aid you in making your decisions, but how the card ultimately ends up is in your hands.

Each Monday, Metagame.com will give you the choice of the week, and then you’ll be able to vote on the UDE message boards until midday that Friday.

As a little teaser (and something to get your creative juices flowing), you should start thinking about your favorite legacy DC teams. See you on Monday!


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