(Metagame Archive) Fan Card Crossover: Week 10, Epilogue

By The Ben Seck

After many months of designing, testing, and votes, we finally have a card! And she is a thing of beauty. The final vote that you, the fans, made was for her ATK and DEF, which was won in a landslide:

A)     11 ATK / 14 DEF – 52%

B)     14 ATK / 12 DEF – 26%

C)     12 ATK / 13 DEF – 22%

This result is not really that surprising, considering that she has a most likely defensive ability. But the moment you have been waiting for . . . I present to you, ladies and gentlegamers: Nyssa Raatko, Daughter of the Demon!

I’m sure you’ll agree, the art we got from Admira Wijayadi captures perfectly the art description we submitted. Nyssa also comes at a time when League of Assassins is getting quite a lot of play, with the “Deep Green” deck piloted by Pro Circuit San Francisco Champion Ian Vincent featuring Talia, Beloved Betrayer, Talia, Daughter of Madness, Merlyn, Deadly Archer, and Pit of Madness! Nyssa is a perfect fit in that deck, both protecting your Ahmed Samsarra, White King from unfortunate KO effects as well as feeding off the inevitable resource row of locations.

I’d like to thank every person who was involved in this process; it was a challenging task to undertake. I’m sure we’ll do this again in the future, so please send any suggestions or comments for the next Fan Card Crossover to fancardcrossover@gmail.com.

Until next time, good gaming!



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