Beast Boy Bouillabaisse

This article is brought to you by the letter “B”.

Beastie Boys

For my first article I tried to avoid talking about a legend because it seemed like that was all everyone was talking about, and I wanted to be different. But thoseJean Grey legend cards just kept calling to me. They’ve even infiltrated my airwaves. Just yesterday I was listening to the Beastie Boys, and if their name wasn’t enough to drum up thoughts of our resident green machine, the song’s title, ‘B-Boy Bouillabaisse’ (pronounced bool-yuh-beys), would be. At one point in the song they even say, “Like a buffalo soldier I’m broader than Broadway.” Since our Beast Boy can literally be a buffalo soldier, I went about trying to make him bigger than Broadway; and when I say big, I mean big enough to bash that angry red-head back to Xavier’s mansion and show her who the ‘king of counters’ really is. My ambition was to make my Beast Boy about as big as a nine or ten drop. A minimum of 25/25 on turn six. Interested? Thought so.

I started by trolling forums for other Beast Boy decks, but with little to no luck. Most builds out there just threw in a couple of every card that had ‘counter’ in its game text. While this is by no means a bad strategy, it is pretty predictable. I wanted something tricky (which is expecting a lot from my pretty simple mind).

The best deck I came across was created by ‘Bungo Underhill’ and featured in Steve Garrett’s ‘Last Man Standing’ article series. While the current tournament is only one round in, the deck has performed pretty well. I did like the deck’s rawRobotman drawing power, but the biggest Beast Boy ever got was 16/16 by turn eight (I believe). This is not was I was hoping for. Something in the article did catch my attention though. The first time Rich (Steve’s opponent) recruited Superman/Batman Robot it recieved ten +1/+1 counters. This promted Steve to say, “Hey, who’s playing the ‘counter’ deck here?” Steve’s own robot, the approptiately titled Robotman, sat across the table from Superman/Batman Robot in shame. Sure, Robotman could also become a 10/10 like the World’s Finest mecha, but he had to exhaust to do so. Not only that, but a mere 2/2 of his stats came from actual counters.

I thought to myself (always a bad idea), “Self, can we just switch out Robotman for the superior Superman/Batman Robot (aka Robotmen). This would give us a rare opportunity to pull off a ‘Kansas City Shuffle’ in TCG form. If you don’t know what a ‘Kansas City shuffle’ is, I highley suggest renting ‘Lucky # Slevin,’ becauseLucky # Slevin Bruce Willis will be able to explain it in a much more badbutt (this is a PG blog) way than I’m capable of. The basic idea of a KCS is to make your opponent look one way, and go another. It’s hard to find examples of a KCS in Vs. There are some unintentional ones like Medium Brotherhood that started out with TNBs in play, but didn’t stop their curves at 5. There are also toolbox decks that never let your opponent know what to expect because they are too busy expecting everything. These decks usually started out as mainstream decks, but got so convoluted with tech, that they became barely recognizable. I didn’t want to go either of these routes because I think we have an opportunity here for a true Kansas City Shuffle.

The goal of this deck will be to start out exactly as a World’s Finest buildFreak Out does; saving endurance with no stun damage, and negating anything blue that our opponent sends out way. The deck will aim to finish our opponent off on turn six with three key cards. The first is the six drop Beast Boy, who will be our big basher. The second will be our robot who will be providing us with more counters than we can possibly eat in one sitting. Finally, the card Freak Out provides the mecha-nism for transferring counters from our mecha to Beast Boy. Now it’s time to fill up the deck with cards that will set up this turn six beating.

On turn one we have the Gotham Knight failsafe: Alfred. He will make this deck consistent. He’ll get us whatever we’re short on; whether it’s team-ups, character searchers, or Freak Outs, Alfred’s our man. Other build’s have also run the new Harvey Bullock on turn one because his ability to check your opponents hand from the hidden area can be useful all game. He’s also a cheap exhaust for effects likeMaggie Sawyer Bat-Signal. Our deck, however, cannot miss teaming up. Most World’s Finest decks need you to control Batman and Superman to use most of their cards. Our deck’s main focus, however, is teaming up Gotham Knights and Team Superman so that we can guarentee that the dual loyalty on our robot doesn’t come back to haunt us. To this end, Maggie Sawyer, Gotham Central is a must in this deck because she has both team affiliations. Her reinforcement ability is also pretty good in a deck that must survive until turn six. Eight one drops might seem like a lot, but it’s never a bad play to drop Maggie down on turn two, use Alfred’s effect, then replay him. This is fun because getting multiple uses out of Alfred in a curve Gotham Knights deck is very rare, unless you are forced to underdrop late-game, which usually means that Alfred is not going to get a chance to ready anyway.

As I just mentioned, turn two is a great opportunity to replay Alfred,Ragman however, relying on hitting both of you one drops so early in the game is a silly strategy, so I want a little backup here. Ragman, Patchmonger has great synergy with this deck. Not only does he use the counter theme, but he will be the size of a three drop on turn three. This allows us to play our Batman in the hidden area without fear of being smashed in the face too severely. I cannot put into words how under-utilized this two drop is, but it’s almost as much as The Creeper was under-utilized when you consider that he was essentially on every team in the game and led to card advantage. That’s a story for another blog though.

On turn three we will be using both of the amazing Batman three drops.Batman, Problem Solver Batman, Problem Solver will be our ideal Batman because his ability to cancel plot twists will save us against other Gotham Knights builds (including the Gotham/Darkseid substitute deck) and any deck that runs Pathetic Attemp (read: all decks). Batman, Founding Member is also amazing, especially when he’s destroying team-ups. This Batman would be our ideal drop if the Bizarro deck was still strong, but in its crippled state, I no longer fear the resource row as much. I didn’t really look beyond these Batmans for three drop options because A) they’re both amazing, and B) we’re still trying to fool our opponent into thinking Batman and Superman are the keys to our deck.

Speaking of Superman, our four drop will be… SUPERMAN. A novel idea,Superman, Last Son of Krypton I know, but I wanted to be different! The “four” drop Superman has no cost and will save us some endurance, especially if he’s next to Maggie. I chose not to run any other four drops because there are no other good Team Superman four drops. We don’t want Gotham Knights at this drop because this is our last chance to team-up if we missed Maggie on turn one or two. To compensate for these low numbers, we will include extra search cards.

Our five drop is obviously Superman/Batman Robot. This mecha comessuper.gif out with 10 +1/+1 counters and will not take stun damage. That’s an amazing five drop! Combine that with our no-cost four drop, and the ability of our three drop to cancel any plot twists we don’t like, and it’s a pretty safe bet that we will survive until turn six. Since we are planning on transferring these counters to Beast Boy on turn six, it’s doubley cool that this robot has no cost. We can safely run him into our opponents to get him off the board once he is a 0/0. We then have the option to replay in him on turn seven, which removes the need to play any seven drops at all. If everything goes as planned, however, we shouldn’t be going to turn seven.

Beast boy, Freak of Nature is a mere 12/12, but his ability to gain three counters every time he stuns someone can add up quickly. If we transfer our mech’s counters to Beast Boy and have him stun someone, he will end the turn as a 25/25. I doubt our opponents will be able to come back through that wall!

Now it’s time for some blue cards. We’ll need plenty of search cards to accommodate our goofy curve. The first one that comes to mind is Bat Signal. Any searcher that can be played from turn one on and nets you card advantage is awesome! TheHeroes of Two Worlds next one that came to mind was Enemy of my Enemy. This card does not work well in this build because the mecha is dual affiliated and therefore could only be searched out by discarding a Beast Boy. It’s just far to situational to use. For the Man Who Has Everything is also a poor choice because it cannot get Beast Boy on our kill turn. Luckily for us, DC Legends brought with it a new search card called Heroes of Two Worlds. I love this search card because it gets your drop and thins your deck out. There’s nothing worse than drawing into a mitt full of drops from previous turns (unless you’re playing a rush deck like Kree of course). Since we’re running four of every character in this deck, the only time you won’t be able to use this card is when you’ve already drawn into a couple of the character you need anyway.

This is a deck that NEEDS to team-up so I went into the search engines to see if there were any that would fit this deck. First I found The Hook-Up, which is an amazing way to cycle through your deck. It’s also a good way to get a card into the KO’d pile early for Ragman to eat up. Next I found Forbidden Loyalties. This card fits the counter theme and still feeds Ragman. Neato!

Speaking of the counter theme, Call of the Wild is a must-have in anyCall of the Wild Beast Boy deck. Gaining a permanent +2/+2 is huge, and greatly increases the size of our Beast Boy. It’s not unreasonable to imagine getting two of these by turn six, especially with the card cycling power of The Hook-Up. This would result in a 29/29 Beast Boy on turn six. Our other counter-related card is Freak Out. The drawback of this card is that it has to be played during the build phase. As I’ve already mentioned though, you can just crash your 0/0 zero drop mecha into one of your opponent’s characters and take no damage, then smash face! I get chills just thinking about this accidental synergy!

We’ve still got some room left in the deck so in goes Bat Got Your Tongue?. I don’t think I have to explain the goodness of this card. It’s just good. Goody two-shoes good. After all, if your opponent uses one of his blue cards to stop your Freak Out, you’re in trouble! The very last slot in the deck is reserved for a VIP: Blind Sided. After all, what good is a bigger-than-Broadway buffalo if it can’t cause breakthrough? Here’s our final list…

4x Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
4x Maggie Sawyer, Gotham CentralBeast Boy, Freak of Nature
4x Ragman, Patchmonger
4x Batman, Problem Solver
4x Batman, Founding Member
4x Superman, Last Son of Krypton
4x Superman/Batman Robot, Supa-Mecha-Bat
4x Beast Boy, Freak of Nature

4x Bat Got Your Tongue?
4x Bat Signal
4x Heroes of Two Worlds
4x Call of the Wild
4x Freak Out
3x The Hook-Up, Team-Up
3x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up
2x Blind Sided

It’s worth noting that this is not actually a legend deck, it just uses legend cards. If you wanted to play this deck at a legend tournament, all you have to do is replace Bat Got Your Tongue? with From the Darkness. This doesn’t really change the deck too drastically, and who knows, maybe with Batman hidden the whole game he’ll stay around long enough to make From the Darkness a better choice for this deck. You be the judge. Let me know what you guys think!


2 Responses

  1. more brilliance, imo

  2. Very very well done. I love the layout, and the Beasties. Going back to read it with relish…

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