It’s a Miracle! – Part II (AKA The Miracle Wonder-Drug)

PoopConfused by the title? This article is not about aspirin, or even cannabis (maybe we’ll devote a blog to that in the future), but about that oh so stimulating synergy of Shiloh Norman, Mister Miracle and Wonder Woman, Deflection Diva. That’s right, the team I chose to abuse Shiloh with is… Team Superman! In case you never noticed, Team Superman has previously unabused themes revolving around protected characters and attack redirection. I plan on using both of these themes because both are ways to steer your opponent directly into Shiloh. If you have no idea who Shiloh is, or what I’m talking about, that means you did not read my last article. If that’s the case shame on you; get to it!

***Warning: side effects of this miracle wonder-drug may include you reading the article of a noob blogger… and diarrhea***

The afformentioned themes of protection and redirection have been largely ignored because the Team Superman characters that encompass these themes reside at drops that are usually occupied by the team’s namesake or Batman. And when you run a Team Superman or World’s Finest deck without Batman and/or Superman, you lose access to all their amazing legend cards. Builds focusing on redirection also rarely had a reason to redirect an attack. Shiloh Norman fixes that weakness because any time an attack is redirected to him, it is essentially cancelled when he evades. Also, since our deck is running Shiloh as its three drop (and mulligan condition), we are already losing the ability to play the best Batman character cards in the game (they both reside at the three drop position); this allows us to bravely tread away from a World’s Finest build into something entirely our own.

Kandor, City in a BottleNormally I start my deckbuilding articles by talking about the curve, but while we’re discussing the curve, I need you to keep Kandor’s text in the back of your mind. Kandor, City in a Bottle is a Team Superman card that has text similar to Coast City; it keeps your protected characters from being attacked. It also allows you to switch the positions of any two characters in the same area. As we decide our curve together, we need to think about how the characters will benefit from this protection, especially because I intend for this card to be one of the primary engines for abusing Shiloh.

When starting to build a deck it’s always important to decide what drop your deck will start at. You can design a deck to abuse utility one drops like Boris, Personal Servant of Doom or Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend; or you can design a deck that gets in a ton of early damage with powerful low drops like TNB or AGL. Since Team Superman has extremely low potential in both of these categories (unless you really like Maggie Sawyer), it’s probably Shiloh Normanbest we just start our curve on turn two. Since Shiloh is the only New Gods character in the deck, there will be no good way to search for him on turn three. Mobilize cannot fetch Shiloh until after you’ve already teamed up with him; Enemy of my Enemy can reliably get Shiloh, but will be virtually a dead card for the rest of the game unless you draw into more Shilohs to pitch; and our remaining choices (For the Man Who Has Everything and Heroes of Two World’s) both cost four. However, if your Mulligan condition is your three drop, odds are you will hit him. By turn three you will have seen fourteen cards in your deck (after a mulligan). The odds of drawing a card that you have four-of in a deck are one in fifteen. This means that getting a Shiloh every game should be all but guaranteed. If Shiloh is our mulligan condition, then we should probably run eighttwo drops so that we can still reliably hit a two drop after mulliganing for our three drop.

At the two drop position we have some really good choices. Hiro Okamura <> Toyman, Whiz-Kid is pretty tasty because he can fetch us some extra cards. He will also get to stay around longer than an average two drop because Shiloh Norman will be auto-recovering from his evasion mechanic. This means he should be, at a minimum, netting you at least two free cards. With Hiro OkamuraBarbara Gordon <> Oracle, Hacker Elite out there in every other deck conceived, we’ll need all the extra cards we can get just to keep up with our opponents. Another two drop that caught my eye was Krypto. He’s a 4/4 monstrosity, but I don’t know if I like him in this build. Our goal is to use Kandor to force our opponents into attacking Shiloh. Krypto doesn’t really help this theme because he needs to be in front of a character to do anything. I know that Kandor can switch the places of two characters, but once Shiloh stuns with his evasion ability, characters in front of him are no longer considered to be protecting him. For characters to be either protected or protecting, there can be no stunned characters in the same column as them. Bibbo Bibbowski, Barroom Brawler fits in with our theme a little better than Krypto does. When he’s behind Shiloh, he can turn him into a 4/7 beast. This means that our opponent will have to use an attack pump just to trade stuns with our three drop.

We’ve already covered the three drop position in detail. Since Mister Miracle is our mulligan condition, we won’t need to run any backup drops.

Turn four is where our fun really gets started. Vartox, Hero of Tynola (or Tylenol) is virtually the same as Superman, Clark Kent from the Man of Steel Expansion. There are some subtle Vartox, Hero of Tynolaimprovements however. For one, Vartox does not have to exhaust to use his ability. If you redirect your opponent’s three drop into Vartox, and brickwall their attack, he can still attack back. Vartox also has the the advantage of being indiscriminate. If you still haven’t hit a team-up to make Shiloh a Team Superman character, Vartox can still remove him from the attack. This is something ol’ Clark could not do. Our backup at this drop will be Power Girl <> Nightwing, Kandorian Vigilante. She also helps our attempt to redirect and brickwall an opponent by adding defense like Bibbo. Obviously, Vartox is the primary drop, and better in almost all situations.

We’ve already talked a little bit about our wonderful five drop. She goes by the name Wonder Woman, Deflection Diva. Kandor can’t do all the work for us, sometimes it needs a little help. For instance, wonder-woman.jpgif we just had Shiloh sitting in front of a five drop with Kandor on table, they could just attack Shiloh with their three or four drop, then hit our five drop with their five. Wonder Woman changes this scenario. We can just sit her in front of Shiloh. Our opponent will either have to attack her with his five drop, or a lower drop using pumps. When this happens, she can just redirect the attack to Shiloh to negate it. After this, our opponent might not have enough left to take down Wonder Woman, which means she’ll get to keep her counter another turn. Also, in case you have poor vision, this is one of the coolest pieces of art to ever grace Vs. System, so it would be a shame if it never found its way into a deck!

On turn six we have a couple of options. I personally like Pyrogen, Supermen of America. He can Pyrogen, Supermen of Americamake sure that your opponent’s highest drop always stuns for as long as you keep him on table. I know a lot of people are currently hating against him because of the prominence of Pathetic Attempt, but Team Superman has a pretty good Fizzle-like card: Early Edition. If you are really, really scared of Pathetic Attempt, then run Maximus, Supermen of America. He’s a 13/13 that can turn your Wonder Woman into a nice 9/11 wall. Not too shabby! Brahma, Supermen of America is yet another six drop, but he’s redundant as he essentially has the same ability as Kandor. This build is going to go with Pyrogen, because he’s just plain fun to pull off against an opponent!

At seven we can finally include a version of our mighty team hero! Superman comes into the fray Superman, Deterrent Forcewith a grand entrance. Superman, Deterrent Force can stop any character from attacking flat out. This works particularly well with Pyrogen. You can use Superman to lock down their six drop, then use Pyrogen to stun their seven drop when he attacks. If you got odd initiative, Superman is still a 16/16 beefstick with flight and range. Superman, Founding Member does not hold a candle to Deterrent Force in my opinion. Founding Member is supposedly better against a large board of weenies; but Deterrent Force can slow down large groups too by stopping their largest attacker. My favorite aspect of him is that he does not have a phase requirement. You can wait to use his ability in response to your opponent declaring an attack.

Way back before trying to abuse Mister Miracle, I had attempted to build a Silver Age Team Superman deck, but was left frustrated with their late game. You would think that with all of kara-zor-el.jpgthese solar-charged heroes, they would have some power! Sure, the nine drop Superman is pretty cool in that he can’t be stunned at all, but at the eight drop slot Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, Claire Connors always seemed weak to me. Her ability does give you an out of combat stun, but it requires you to team attack. Normally, when two players play Vs. System, there are not many characters left on the board turn eight. That means to get any use out of her text, you’d probably be wasting the attack of your seven or six drop just to make Kara a team attacker. That is unless you’ve been keeping a three drop around all game via evasion! That’s right folks, if your opponent also hit an eight drop, Kara and Shiloh can take down your opponent’s seven and eight drop with one team attack!

Like most consistent decks out there, we’re going to need some search cards. For the Man Who has (Aleeve)rything is a must in this deck. The fact that it costs four does not really matter City of Tomorrowbecause we are mulliganing for our three drop so we won’t need to search before turn four. We can also include a couple of Mobilizes in the deck, but they won’t be useful until Shiloh is teamed-up with Team Superman. That means we’ll need some team-ups in the deck as well. City of Tomorrow goes pretty well with this deck because it gives protected characters +1 defense. This can actually create some pretty fun tricks. If Shiloh becomes attacked while in front of Bibbo, you can use Bibbo’s ability to make Shiloh a 4/7, then use Kandor to switch their positions. All of the sudden Shiloh is a 4/8 three drop. If your opponent can’t stun him, he can still attack back! The other team-up we will include is Metropolis Reborn. Why such a vanilla team-up when I could be running a card like Forbidden Loyalties? Read on.

As I briefly mentioned in my last article, Mind Gem has potential when used with a character that will be constantly evading. In the case of Mister Miracle, Ego Gem will be even better. Shiloh will just be stunning every turn so we might as well get an exhaust out of him before hand! This also Tricked-Out Sports Carnets us quite a few cards over the course of the game. While I was looking through the Silver Age equipment I also came across Titans Communicator. Since most of our curve has cosmic, this equipment would be giving our characters plus two defense. This card would have likely made the cut if I were running Maximus instead Pyrogen. If we did run Titan’s Communicator, we would almost have to run Clash of the Titans to get our cosmic counters back. Clash of Titans is still a +3 attack pump even if you didn’t draw into any communicators. I felt this would have started to steer my deck in a new direction so I backtracked. Another equipment that caught my eye was Tricked-Out Sports Car. Since I was already running eight locations in my deck, I thought this card would be a great addition, especially since Wonder Woman does not have range and Pyrogen does not have flight.

For our pumps package we’ll throw in Impervious and Against All Odds. These two defense boosters will help with our attempt to burn through all of our opponent’s attack pumps. We’ll also be including Soaring to New Heights because I can see no reason not too. If you prefer, this could be a different pump like Big Leagues. If you think our pump package looks small, just remember that between Hiro and Ego Gem, we will hopefully be drawing more than usual.

As I mentioned before, this deck could have gone two routes. I will list the alternate deck choices in parenthesis. Here’s our build:

4x Hiro Okamura <> Toyman, Whiz-Kid
4x Bibbo Bibbowski, Barroom Brawler
4x Shiloh Norman <> Mister Miracle, Soldier of Victory
4x Vartox, Hero of Tynola
2x Power Girl <> Nightwing, Kandorian Vigilante
4x Wonder Woman, Deflection Diva
3x Pyrogen, Supermen of America (Maximus, Supermen of America)
Superman, Bulletproof2x Superman, Deterrent Force
2x Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, Claire Connors
1x Superman, Bulletproof

2x Ego Gem
2x Tricked-Out Sports Car (Titan’s Communicator)

4x For the Man Who has Everything
2x Mobilize
3x Soaring to New Heights
3x Impervious
3x Against All Odds
3x Early Edition (Clash of the Titans)

4x City of Tomorrow, Team-Up
1x Metropolis Reborn, Team-Up (Forbidden Loyalties)
3x Kandor, City in a Bottle

There you have it. A deck that’s both guaranteed to make you think more than you want to, and guaranteed to annoy the crap out of your opponent (better have that aspirin ready)! Have fun with it. let me know if there are any changes that you would suggest. Also, no one has yet to send me more ways to abuse Shiloh. If you got something, even something small, leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I didn’t get diarrhaea after reading the article, if that helps 😉

  2. This deck kind of makes my head hurt. I approve.

  3. What else is there to say?


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