UDE Vs. DC Vs. Marvel Vs. Me; Vs. System

We all know there’s been a lot of speculation about the future of Vs. lately, especially on Vsrealms.com. In a way this situation kind of reminds me of our country’s current political situation because people are so busy trying to predict the Democratic frontrunner that they’re unwilling to wait until things sort themselves out. Most people are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton’s decision to stay in the race is damaging to the Democratic Party’s chances of winning a presidential election at all. If it weren’t so tragic this would be an almost hilarious contrast to the beginning of the race which saw the first real chance of a black man or a woman taking the mantle “Commander in Chief,” the very idea of which got tons of people into politics for the very first time.

What does this have to do with Vs.?  Well, some Realmers first got word that UDE might be done making DC sets because some info. was leaked about the next Marvel set while we hadn’t yet heard a peep about DC’s next outing.  This got the speculation train rolling, and I’ll admit my cogs were turning too.  What would my game be like with no DC?!  The first thread on the matter can be found here: Continue reading


Big Brother’s House

“At this moment the entire group of people broke into a deep, slow, rhythmic chant of ‘B-B! …. B-B! …. B-B!’-over and over again, very slowly, with a long pause between the first ‘B’ and the second-a heavy murmurous sound, somehow curiously savage, in the background of which one seemed to hear the stamps of naked feet and the throbbing of tom-toms.” ~George Orwell’s 1984 Continue reading

Instant Harm Paragon

Valkyrie, Chooser of the SlainA paragon is a model, ideal, or standard; therefore an instant harm paragon is something that sets the standard for instant harm. It comes as no surprise then that when you rearrange the letters of Samantha Parrington, you get… instant harm paragon! Coincidence? Yes! Cool? Also yes!

When you first look at Samantha Parrington (once you get over the hotness of the card that is), it’s hard not to notice that her stats are unusual for a four drop. Her attack value is on par with a three drop while her defense value is on par with a five drop. Like Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker and Darkseid, Apokoliptian Oppressor, her stats are justified by an amazing ability. In fact, with the abilities of the three aforementioned four drops, you’d rather have high defense values to keep them on table as long as possible. Continue reading

Mega Weekend – Great Success! (Modern Age)

Alright, I’m back.  I fared about as well Sunday as I did Saturday, but I thought I’d give ya a write up regardless.  I decided to play the hidden Injustice Gang deck despite the fact that everyone knew it would showing up in force.  My reasoning was that it was extremely simple to pilot so the fact that I hadn’t played in a while would be irrelevant to my losses.  In the end, the deck didn’t prove to be a bad choice; just a particular card or two should have been different.  My car-mates Eric and Paul Madden played today as well.  Paul ran the Revenge Squad deck that top-eighted the last Modern Age tournament because it had a good matchup against the hidden Injustice Gang deck.  The only change in his deck was that he ran Natasha Irons as his alternate two drop instead of Brainiac because I didn’t have any yet (turns out two months is not enough time to get them from the points store!).  Eric ran a hidden Injustice Gang deck similar to mine, but he had Crushing Blows instead of Crime Syndicate of America; Call in a Favor instead of Mobilize; and two of his Skreeeeeee!’s were All Too Easy instead.  This wasn’t his choice, but rather my lack of enough of all those cards!  Here’s the deck I ran: Continue reading

Mega Weekend – Great Success! (Silver Age)

So I managed to actually make it to a Mega Weekend for once… and it was fantastic!  A couple of friends of mine (Paul and Eric Madden) accompanied me on the long journey from Minneapolis to Chicago – a whopping six and a half hours.  We got there on Friday too late for the Silver Age tournament, but it gave us some time to practice for the next couple of days.  This was practice we all desperately needed considering none of us had played in a tournament since Indy 2007.  My choice for Saturday morning’s Silver Age tournament was a Shiloh Norman-based deck.  I wanted to build the Team Superman deck that I had written about a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t have all the rares for it yet.  I decided instead to build the Spider-Friends version I talked about in the first installment of my “It’s a Miracle!” two-parter.  To flesh out the deck I took elements from Dan Debenham’s deck that top-eighted at the last Mega Weekend.  Here’s the build:

Continue reading

60 CS

Like most of you guys out there, I’m spending this week trying to get ready for the Mega-Weekend in Chicago.  I’m pretty much resorting to net decks because I’m going to get in roughly zero games of playtesting (give or take zero games).  While this strategy will almost ensure that I get no wins, I don’t care; I’m just going to have fun.  I will probably just use the hidden Injustice Gang deck despite the fact that it will be heavily teched against.  This deck will require little to no thinking, which is already more than I’m capable of!  If you’re going to be there, make sure to say, “Hi.”  I’d like to start putting faces to all your names.  I’ll probably be wearing a Green Lantern shirt (in case you haven’t noticed I’m a fan).  I’ll throw up a picture here, but don’t stare at it directly or you’ll go blind.  P.S. I don’t always look this silly… just in pictures. Continue reading