Mega Weekend – Great Success! (Silver Age)

So I managed to actually make it to a Mega Weekend for once… and it was fantastic!  A couple of friends of mine (Paul and Eric Madden) accompanied me on the long journey from Minneapolis to Chicago – a whopping six and a half hours.  We got there on Friday too late for the Silver Age tournament, but it gave us some time to practice for the next couple of days.  This was practice we all desperately needed considering none of us had played in a tournament since Indy 2007.  My choice for Saturday morning’s Silver Age tournament was a Shiloh Norman-based deck.  I wanted to build the Team Superman deck that I had written about a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t have all the rares for it yet.  I decided instead to build the Spider-Friends version I talked about in the first installment of my “It’s a Miracle!” two-parter.  To flesh out the deck I took elements from Dan Debenham’s deck that top-eighted at the last Mega Weekend.  Here’s the build:

4x Aunt May, Golden Oldie
4x Black Cat, Nine Lives
4x Night Thrasher, Dwayne Michael Taylor
4x Shiloh Norman <> Mister Miracle, Soldier of Victory
4x Spider-Man, The Amazing Bag-Man
2x Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man
2x Venom, Lethal Protector
1x Phil Urich <> Green Goblin, Lunatic Laugh
2x Wolverine, Canucklehead
2x Spider-Man, Stark’s Protege
1x The Sentry, Golden Guardian of Good

4x Indebted
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Flying Kick
3x Level 12 Intelligence
2x Trial By Jury
2x Berserker Rage

4x Stark Tower, Team-Up
3x Empire State University

2x Ego Gem, Infinity Gem
2x Mind Gem, Infinity Gem

The deck idea is pretty simple.  Use your small drops to draw a lot of cards with the gems and ESU.  They’ll stay around all game because of their evasion. Your three, four, and five drops all help stall the game out by exhausting your opponent’s board.  Six is where this deck is supposed to shine; Wolverine attacks twice with Berserker Rage, hopefully with some for-the-turn pumps.  Eric ran a Darkseid/Gotham Knight deck that drew insane amounts with Barbara Gordon, Speed Queen, and Ego Gem.  Paul on the other hand ran a Skrull/Inhumans deck that used Captain America and Franklin Richards to keep it’s characters hidden and unstunnable.

Round 1 Vs. Brandon Hagg with Marvel Defenders

This was an interesting game because there was no real damage until turn six (unless you count the pings I took from my own evasion).  Basically his deck used backup abilities to make a single character too big to attack, so I just kept exhausting them.  Hellcat and Tania made Samantha Parrington big and Dr. Strange readied Parrington after she activated on herself.  Luckily she was a four drop and therefore vulnerable to Gift Wrapped.  Turn six I had two flying kicks and two Berserker Rages to quickly end the game.  The final score was 42 to -7. (1-0)

Round 2 Vs. Todd Carlson with Hidden Injustice Gang

Todd’s deck curved out perfectly and he was able to finish me off on turn five.  This bummed me out because I had once again drawn into both Berserker Rages and was looking forward to a big finish.  The play of this game happened on turn four when he had to use Secret Files.  I already had Bag-Man in hand, but searched out The Sensational Spider-Man.  I recruited the sensation, used his ability to exhaust Todd’s Owlman, and then subbed in Bag-Man and Gift Wrapped his four drop.  His only choices were to run his one or two drops into either Shiloh or Bag-Man.  Even with completely stopping him on turn four, he still had enough pumps on turn five to seal the deal.  I thought I was going to be able to exhaust his four drop with Venom’s ability, but apparently it only works on the visible… whoops! The final score was -4 to 23. (1-1)

Round 3 Vs. Paul Madden with Skrull/Inhuman

Yes, I drove to Chicago and got paired against one of my travel companions.  I have never actually gone to a tournament with the Maddens and not gotten paired against one of them.  Paul took evens from me but won on turn five with his swing back from the hidden area.  He was able to stop Bag-Man’s ability with a Pathetic Attempt.  Bag-Man’s ability would have taken us into turn six, but since that would have been his initiative he probably still would have won anyway.  In fact, the night before he had been consistently beating me with this deck, so I had low hopes to begin with.  The final score was -1 to 25. (1-2)

Round 4 Vs. Steven Williams with Jean Grey/Underworld

Steven used Umar and other Underworld cards to get a ton of Jean Grey’s into his KO’d pile.  Luckily, my exhaustion effects and reinforcement kept the game going until turn seven when time was called.  Turn eight was his attack, but his eight drop Jean Grey could not overcome Sentry’s ability to lower her attack, and my endurance was still higher than his.  The final score was 24 to 19. (2-2)

Round 5 Vs. Dereck Bender with Darkseid/Doom

This was a Mystical Paralysis vs. Gift Wrapped game!  On turn six he searched out a Dreadnaught Tank forcing me to pick up my Black Cat with Mind Gem and Aunt May with Ego Gem.  Luckily, Black Cat’s Evasion let me keep my Mind Gem.  On turn seven I threw the Mind Gem onto Shiloh and exhausted him to ESU knowing the Tank would just bounce him anyway.  This got me exactly far enough into my deck to get a Berserker Rage, but it wasn’t my initiative, so I still had work to do.  I tried to use Stark’s Protege’s ability to exhaust his seven drop Darkseid, but he had a Pathetic Attempt so I used a Gift Wrapped to accomplish the same task.  The Tank couldn’t fly into my back row to hit Wolverine, but Wolverine could fly into Dereck’s board thanks to the flight and range provided by Stark’s Tower.  Dereck scooped when a Berserker Rage was flipped from the resource row.  The final score was 15 to 13. (3-2)

Round 6 Vs. David Meyer with Random Abuse

By turn two David’d field included Bette Kane, Atom Smasher, and Frank Drake.  I had no idea what was going on!  It all made sense when Random hit the table on turn three with a full fate set.  Luckily, all my exhaustion effects kept Random’s goonies from using their activated abilities and Shiloh absorbed all of Random’s damage.  I got enough Flying Kicks to finish the game on turn five.  The final score was 21 to -1. (4-2)

Round 7 Vs. Squire Kershner with JLA

I got to meet Squire and Cliff from The Ring has Chosen radio show!  Squire was across the table from me and Cliff was immediately to his left.  They were as cool in real life as they appear to be on their show; just a class act all around.  It was because of this that I did not mind at all losing this round!  On an interesting side note, how crazy is it that the Chicago Mega Weekend is the first time that those two have ever met?  Squire was running a JLA deck with the Wonder Woman four drop.  I knew she was good, but I didn’t read her closely enough.  I did not realize that she could direct my effects back onto my characters.  When I tried to gift wrap his four drop, she instead made me exhaust my own three drop!  I really punted this one!  The score was 5 to 14 when I scooped. (4-3)

Round 8 Vs. Jake Gocht with JLA

This was the first game of the day that I missed a drop.  Unfortunately it was my six drop which is pretty darn important.  What was also unfortunate was that his six drop was The Flash who double attacked me with a Terminal Velocity and Flying Kick for 30 points of damage.  I guess now I know what it feels like to be hit by a double-attacking six drop!  The final score was -7 to 36.  (4-4)

Round 9 Vs. Ernie Isordia with X-Mental

Considering that I didn’t expect to get a single win with a Shiloh deck, I was already exceeding expectations.  My new goal was to go over .500.  It all came down to this game against X-Mental, which I don’t really know how to beat.  I figured I would just go for a turn six win and see what happened.  I curved out perfectly and put three Flying Kicks on my Wolverine to bring him up to 22 attack.  I confidently flipped up a Berserker Rage, only to see Ernie flip a Mental Domination.  Ouch!  With Wolverine unable to get an extra 22 points of damage I lost -5 to 11. (4-5)

There you have it!  It was a blast to play a fun, homemade deck instead of just net-decking (which I did for Sunday).  In retrospect there are some changes I would have made to this deck.  I would have removed Trial By Jury so that I could have run a third Berserker Rage and a fourth ESU.  I underestimated how important it would be to get an ESU by turn two or three.  Berserker Rage is also way too important to the deck to not draw one by turn six.  I’ll try to get up my Modern Age results by Wednesday; I just wanted to give you something to tide you over.  Also, I want to thank anyone reading this that was at the Mega Weekend, because everyone there was so nice!  Verses tournaments are now filled with exactly the kind of people you want in your card store.  Namely those who are not jerks!  YOU ALL ROCK!


5 Responses

  1. Outstanding report, thank you so much.

    Now it doesn’t hurt so bad that I had to miss it!

  2. It’s too bad you had to miss it. The first thing I did was scan the pairings sheet to see if you were there!

  3. Imo i top eighted this thing. In reality, i was at home playing WoW. Imo.

  4. imo.

  5. […] decided that my Silver Age deck that I took to Mega-Weekend Chicago was the best deck to try to fit her into.  It was a Spider-Friends deck that looked to use […]

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