Mega Weekend – Great Success! (Modern Age)

Alright, I’m back.  I fared about as well Sunday as I did Saturday, but I thought I’d give ya a write up regardless.  I decided to play the hidden Injustice Gang deck despite the fact that everyone knew it would showing up in force.  My reasoning was that it was extremely simple to pilot so the fact that I hadn’t played in a while would be irrelevant to my losses.  In the end, the deck didn’t prove to be a bad choice; just a particular card or two should have been different.  My car-mates Eric and Paul Madden played today as well.  Paul ran the Revenge Squad deck that top-eighted the last Modern Age tournament because it had a good matchup against the hidden Injustice Gang deck.  The only change in his deck was that he ran Natasha Irons as his alternate two drop instead of Brainiac because I didn’t have any yet (turns out two months is not enough time to get them from the points store!).  Eric ran a hidden Injustice Gang deck similar to mine, but he had Crushing Blows instead of Crime Syndicate of America; Call in a Favor instead of Mobilize; and two of his Skreeeeeee!’s were All Too Easy instead.  This wasn’t his choice, but rather my lack of enough of all those cards!  Here’s the deck I ran:

4x Catwoman, Cat O’ Nine Tails
4x The Penguin, Gentleman of Crime
4x Superwoman, Earth 3
3x Johnny Quick, Earth 3
4x Owlman, Earth 3
2x Black Manta, Deepwater Denizen
4x Jemm, Son of Saturn
1x Ultraman, Earth 3
4x White Martian, Earth 3
2x Prometheus, New Year’s Evil

4x Crime Syndicate of America
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Blinding Rage
4x Flying Kick
4x Skreeeeeee!
4x Secret Files
2x Mobilize

2x Hunte Castle

Round 1 Vs. Jason Gianetti with Sinister Syndicate/Brotherhood

Jason’s deck made me sweat a little when he dropped Scarlet Witch, Mistress of Magic on turn three.  He had teched her in just for matchups against my build.  Fortunately for me, he used Skreeeeeee! to attack the hidden area with her, and Crime Syndicate of America brought my defense up enough to stop her from getting breakthrough!  He was also never able to use his Legacy of Evils because he never had enough effects that KO’d his own resources.  A cool deck that used a lot of pumps that gave bonuses to his whole field, like The Next Brotherhood, it just couldn’t keep the board presence it needed to go all the way.  He scooped when the score was brought to 3 to 0. (1-0)

Round 2 Vs. Charles Griffith with JLA

Charles made a really good choice for the meta because his JLA deck did a good job of stalling out rush decks.  It had big characters like Black Lightning, Batman, and a 12/12 Metropolis Marvel making me use all my pumps just to get a stuns across the curve.  The Flash four drop also was able to able to absorb a couple attacks per turn, which was incredibly frustrating.  Luckily for me though, The Flash still took breakthrough.  The only reason I won this game was my decision to search out Black Manta when I saw that his three drop was concealed.  On turn five, Black Manta made the final swing of the turn to make the score 5 to -3. (2-0)

Round 3 Vs. Eddie Brant with Fantastic Four

This is the matchup I feared the most.  I HATE Fantastic Four.  It’s the most expensive deck to build right now, and rightly so because it’s the strongest.  Only Human, Force Field Projection, Against All Odds, and a curve with above average stats and abilities make this deck unbelievable and unbalanced in my opinion.  Luckily for me, Eddie missed on turn two so he couldn’t use Mobilize on three.  His inability to use Force Field Projection was the only reason I won.  Even with only hitting four and five drops he was able to drop me to 21 endurance before I brought him to -2 on my swing back.  I correctly predicted that no future match against FF would go in my favor unless they missed the Invisible Woman.  If I had a couple hundred bucks to blow on EBay, this is the deck that I would have played!  (3-0)

Round 4 Vs. Mickey Hatcher with X-Men recovery

Mickey’s deck was cool.  He didn’t have an ideal draw but he still took me down.  He used the four drop Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse and other characters with recovery effects like Blink, Age of Apocalypse to make Wolverine huge.  He would have beaten me handily, but he didn’t have a drop until turn three so it was an incredibly close game.  I actually thought I won when I was able to drop him to -10.  Unfortunately for me Healing Factor gains him life so when he recovered Wolverine at the end of the turn, the score became -7 to -6.  Dang! (3-1)

Round 5 Vs. Jabu Barber with Hidden Injustice Gang

This was a mirror match that ended on turn four.  I had 41 endurance and took him down to 20 with my attacks.  I had enough pumps in hand to take him down to 5, but held onto them because I couldn’t finish him.  He swung back and took me down to -1.  For those at home that’s 42 points of damage on turn four!  We both curved out perfectly but he had Hunte Castle on turn one and I never hit mine.  Hunte Castle gave him ten extra points of breakthrough through the first four turns.  Without it I think I would have had him because I would have gotten White Martian’s ability on turn five whereas he would not have. (3-2)

Round 6 Vs. Shyo Hartselo with Hidden Injustice Gang

This was another mirror match with little interesting to write about.  We both curved out with identical characters and pumps except that he hit Ultraman on turn four and I hit Jemm.  If he had also hit Jemm we would have tied in endurance at the end of turn four and gone into five.  Since he missed Jemm the final score was -5 to -7.  It turns out the mirror match ends of turn four consistently so you want odds to get your off-initiative bonuses on the final turn. (4-2)

Round 7 Vs. Ryeland Barnard with Fantastic Four

Like I mentioned earlier, Fantastic Four is no fun.  He used three Against All Odds on turn three to make sure I had little in the way of pumps for the rest of the game.  Invisible Woman meant that there was no breakthrough even when I could get a stun.  He also managed to get two Force Field Projections off against me, wasting even more of my pumps.  I did manage to draw into a Skreeeeeee! but he had the Pathetic Attempt to stop my efforts.  My life was at 10 to his 30 when I scooped.  He still had the six drop Human Torch’s ability to bring me below zero whenever he wanted to. (4-3)

Round 8 Vs. Kurt Hindman III with Fantastic Four

I thought about copying and pasting the previous match, but Kurt drew fewer Against All Odds.  I curved perfectly and had a ton of pumps, but his two Force Field Projections were enough.  After throwing everything at him on turn six I only had brought him down to 14 endurance.  I had 11 endurance and he still had a swing back with Thing and Invisible Woman.  Poop. (4-4)

Round 9 Vs. Jim landiss with Hidden Injustice Gang

Like my other mirror matches, this one was close.  Unlike the other mirror matches, this one went to turn five.  Since I wasn’t going to get White Martian’s ability on five, I underdropped Ultraman and Cat Woman on turn five to maximize my Hunte Castle bonuses.  I threw everything I had at him and brought him to -29.  He swung back with all his pumps to bring me to -29 as well… but wait!  He had a Secret Files to get one last power-up to bring me to -30.  I’m a very unlucky man! (4-5)

There you have it.  Two days in a row with a 4-5 record, but I had a blast!  Three of my games were against Fantastic Four and three of my games were against Hidden Injustice Gang.  I’d like to say that I wish the field had been more diverse, but it’s not like i was helping the situation!  I would have had a chance against Fantastic Four if I had packed The Uni-Power instead of Skreeeeeee!  Pathetic Attempt doesn’t work on The Uni-Power.  Other than that, my deck was a pretty good choice; especially when you consider that two of my losses were by one or two endurance.  Hope you guys enjoyed my article.  Give me a shout if you were one of my opponents, because once again it was a field of very nice people.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Eric’s inferior build of the deck actually top-eighted.  It just goes to show how much better he is at the game than I am (he also won Saturday’s Win-a-Box)!  Good job Eric!


5 Responses

  1. Scott, that picture was uncalled for.

    So I was talking to Eric and we are both interested in going to Ohio for worlds, I know you mentioned wanting to go. You should think about it. Eric and I would even help build decks this time, maybe.
    Nice article imo.
    On a side note I bought a frame for that art, it’s pretty cool. I would like to have the card in there as well, so I might steal one off of you.

  2. Yes it was – awesome – yes I did – I will – no you won’t!

    You can definately have one of my EXTREMELY valuable Arkham Asylums. Also, I can’t believe you didn’t say, “I told you so,” when I admitted Uni-Power was better than Skreeeeeee! (Yes, that’s the correct number of e’s).

  3. So I wrote a reply and it’s not here, either I screwed up or you deleted it. Either way here is another one.
    I feel kinda bad rubbing it in since you went sub .500 for the main tourneys.
    If we do go it would be a sweet 12 hour drive. Maybe this time Marty wouldn’t be so lame and have dates, who has those?
    You’re correct we most likely wouldn’t help but we would buy some singles to fill out the decks. Or I guess Eric would run jank and still win.
    In closing, in that format Uni-Power is better than Skreeeeee! imo.
    On the plus side I didn’t get a game loss for only writing three e’s.

  4. I never delete! Freedom of press baby! Askimet Spam catcher on the other hand doesn’t like links to tall people dating sites!
    Speaking of tall people… We can mug Martie and force him along.
    I totally think we should give Eric the ####iest deck possible just to see what happens! (imo)

  5. Grats to eric imo.

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