Support Our Yellow Magnetic Ribbon Makers!

If you have a pulse, you know that Monday was Memorial Day.  As I drove to work on Memorial Day I noticed (as I always do) hundreds of cars sporting the bright yellow ribbon shown at the right.  I’m going to do my best not to go off on a diatribe about these ribbons, but it is kind of relevant to this week, so why not.  First of all, I dislike (hate’s such a strong word!) these magnets, but not because it’s a bad thing to support our troops.  I dislike these ribbons because they make it look like the people sporting them care more than I do about our troops.  You’d be hard-pressed to find an American that isn’t appreciative of our troops – even if those same Americans aren’t particularly fond of the wars that our government sends those troops to.  This is similar to how the Lance Armstrong bracelets make people look like they care more about curing cancer than I do.  They certainly don’t care more, they just jumped on a trendy bandwagon with everyone else.  Again, I greatly appreciate the armed forces, but that’s not what these magnets are about.  They are about money in someone’s pocket.  Someone once told me that the Armstrong bracelet sales went to a non-profit group, but why don’t you just send that same group the money without making them waste time and money making you a bracelet that shows the rest of the world that you donated. Continue reading


Goth Chicks

When most people think of “Goth Chicks” in comics, they think of heroines like Raven, or certain artists’ takes on Rogue.  However, for the sake of today’s article, I’m talking about “Gotham” chicks, better known as the Birds of Prey.

When I first opened my World’s Finest booster packs, I was underwhelmed by this team.  I thought, “It’s cool that they all have a theme of large attack values and low defense values that can be switched, but what support cards did they get?”  As I kept opening packs I realized they didn’t get much of anything for support cards.  Here’s what they have:

Aerie One: A zero cost equipment that can move them to the hidden or visible area.

Cry for Blood:  A Nasty Surprise-type card that also moves your defender hidden or visible.

Birds of a Feather: An attack pump for offense and defense that gets bigger for each one in your KO’d pile, similar to Path of Destruction. Continue reading

Vs. Corps’ very own Infinity Gauntlet

Unfortunately, this week’s blog is NOT about the new Illuminati cards that have been floating around the interweb all week – but rather about an idea sparked by one of the new cards…

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re gearing up for a big event (like the upcoming Worlds) you rely on community heroes like Brian Foley and Tommy Ashton to give you gauntlets to test your own builds against.  Examples of these gauntlets can be found on the other end of these links:

The new (and old) card, “The Infinity Gauntlet,” gave me the idea of creating a continuous gauntlet of viable decks for any given tournament format. Continuous = Infinity… Get it?! Continue reading

Sea Creatures and Sea Monkeys and Chia Pets! Oh, My?

If you’ve watched The Wizard of Oz in the last lifetime or so, you know that Dorothy’s cadre of companions develops throughout the movie.  She starts as a solo act (unless you count Toto), but as she picks up steam her party gains a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, heck – I think there’s even a lion in there somewhere.

Now, if you think my article is going to somehow connect Colossus, Crane, and Cheetah because of their resemblance to the Oz-ians, you’re way off.  Instead, I’m merely comparing the way my ideas develop to a long trip down a yellow brick road.  Still confused?  Alright, I’ll start from the beginning (as opposed to going all Memento on you!). Continue reading