Sea Creatures and Sea Monkeys and Chia Pets! Oh, My?

If you’ve watched The Wizard of Oz in the last lifetime or so, you know that Dorothy’s cadre of companions develops throughout the movie.  She starts as a solo act (unless you count Toto), but as she picks up steam her party gains a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, heck – I think there’s even a lion in there somewhere.

Now, if you think my article is going to somehow connect Colossus, Crane, and Cheetah because of their resemblance to the Oz-ians, you’re way off.  Instead, I’m merely comparing the way my ideas develop to a long trip down a yellow brick road.  Still confused?  Alright, I’ll start from the beginning (as opposed to going all Memento on you!).

This week’s blog started with my excitement over the new preview cards for Marvel Universe.  Like everyone else, I was bent on breaking these new cards before most of set was even revealed.  This is a ridiculous idea when you consider that the cards that these preview cards will have the most synergy with are usually in the same set, but I defy you to sit idly by while your would-be competition is popping out innovation after innovation (Speaking of innovation, you have to check out The Jank Has Chosen over on the Versus Network, it’s cool).

I was over on Full.Body.Transplant the other day when Stu was unveiling Squirrel Girl to the rest of the world.  Her cohesion with other previously revealed SHIELD cards was obvious.  Prior to seeing her we had been privy to the new Nick Fury and the Helicarrier, both of which support an army deck.  After only seeing these three cards, it seems that SHIELD will be the new Moloids.  Doomed Earth sent Moloids to the KO’d pile where Doom, Mole Man, and Mr. Fantastic could bring them back; Helicarrier sends your SHIELD minions to your hand where Squirrel Girl and Nick Fury can bring them back.  I made the comment on Stu’s blog that perhaps Nicky Fury could bring in two Sea Creatures since they become one-cost characters when Aquaman is in play.  Captain Spud immediately pointed out that Sea Creatures only cost one less when being recruited instead of when they come into play, therefore Nick could only put one into play every turn. I was immediately put off until I remembered that Dr. Light could only put one two drop into play a turn, and he was still good.

I went around looking for already posted Sea Creature decks to see if Nick Fury could actually help some of them out.  The one Google brought me to was on Planet Kalee.  It was titled Roguer’s “Mystiqal” Sea Creatures and used Mystique instead of an actual Aquaman so that the Sea Creatures could take advantage of The Next Brotherhood and the card drawing power of Genosha.  Here’s the list:

13x Sea Creatures, Army
4x Nocturn, Talia Wagner
4x Destiny, Future Sight
4x Magneto, Mutant Terrorist
4x Mystique, Shapely Shifter
1x Stonewall, Freedom Force

4x The Next Brotherhood
4x Common Bond
4x Marvel Zombies
4x Thanagarian Invasion
4x Mobilize
2x Call in a Favor

4x Genosha
3x Underground Resistance
1x Poseidonis

If Nick Fury was put into this deck over Magneto you would lose the ability to use Genosha, at least for its full effect, but you could put in Birthing Chambers instead.  I’m still not sure if this would actually improve the deck at all, but I just really hope that if someone does make a deck that successfully combines Nick Fury and Sea Creatures they call it “Aquamarines,” because how perfect is that?

Sea Creatures technically make an Aquaman legend as long as your deck contains twelve of them, so I was whisked back to the days when I couldn’t stop thinking about ways to break Aquaman.  It’s not that I’m even a fan of Aquaman, it was more about the fact that he had yet to be used to his full potential.  As an odd side-note, my second post ever on was in responce to a call for all possible viable legends decks.  I responded with an incomplete version of a Secret Society/JLA Aquaman legend deck that I called “Sea Monkeys.”  The post looked something like this:

“Aquaman has good potential. Here’s an incomplete list of SEA MONKEYS!!

1. Mr. Mxy
2. Charaxes and Deadshot
3. King Shark and Black Manta
4. Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd
5. Black Manta and Basil Karlo
6. Aquaman
7. Gorilla Grodd

A Clash of worlds
Straight to the Grave
Monkey See Monkey Do
Coup D’Etat
Anger and Hate
Forced Consription
Master Plan
Shadow Strike
Unnatural Selection
Battle Training
Crisis Averted
Mightiest Heroes
New Era

Gorilla City
Hidden HQ
Remote Facility
Hall of Justice
The Watchtower

Just a list of cards with synergy that needs to be filtered. Any help would be appreciated. A Clash of Worlds can be replayed via the 5 drop Black Manta or the 6 drop Aquaman, so you should never be replacing characters. Poseidonis and both of the Aquaman’s have great synergy with the Secret Society’s KO’d pile theme. I like the idea of powering up, returning the card with the 4 drop Aquaman, powering up again, then playing Anger and Hate to remove that card for a +6/+6 attack! Also, this deck is simultaneously a Gorilla Grodd Legend Deck. That was completely by coincidence and I still consider it Aquaman-themed because he needs loving too. Hope this sparks some ideas!”

The problem with this idea is that I was using Coup D’Etat without the doom five drop Ultron, Ultron 11, Army, which is the true way to abuse it.  This didn’t mean that I had to abandon the idea of an Aquaman legend deck, or even the idea of a Secret Society/JLA team-up; I just had to take another approach.  Gorilla Grodd has too much going on, so I decided to see what else I could do with with Secret Society.  It was then that I remembered the deck that Michael Brenden took to a top eight at LA’s last Mega-Weekend. It went a little something like this:

2x Jamie Reyes <> Blue Beetle, High-Tech Hero
2x Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster
4x The Riddler, Riddle Me This
3x Chemo, Toxic Waste
1x Charaxes, Moth Monster
4x Deadshot, Floyd Lawton
4x Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
3x Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace
1x Deathstroke the Terminator, Lethal Weapon
1x Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1x Giganta, Rampaging
1x Bizarro, Bizarro World’s Finest
1x Doomsday, Engine of Destruction
1x The Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero

4x Straight to the Grave
4x Forced Conscription
4x Cannibal Tech
2x Level 12 Intelligence
1x A Proud Zinco Product

4x Soul World
4x Dr. Fate’s Tower

4x Helm of Nabu
2x Amulet of Nabu
2x Cloak of Nabu

This deck has a lot going for it.  It uses Poison Ivy, Intoxicating to put a ton of Riddler’s into play so that your opponent is constantly being locked down on his plot twist options.  It also uses the Fartifacts to make sure that you have ten cards in the KO’d pile for Deadshot to go off.  Obviously this deck is pretty strong if it made it to a top eight, however; Poison Ivy’s little plants would grow a lot better if we could only find a way to add some AQUA to them!  That’s why I decided to build a deck I like call…


4x The Riddler, Riddle Me This
2x Chemo, Toxic Waste
2x Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster
4x Deadshot, Floyd Lawton
1x Charaxes, Moth Monster
4x Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
4x Aquaman, Founding Member
4x Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
4x Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis
1x Doomsday, Engine of Destruction

4x Straight to the Grave
4x Cannibal Tech
2x Forced Consription
1x A Clash of Worlds
1x We Had a Team-Up, Team-Up

4x Dr. Fate’s Tower
4x Poseidonis
3x Soul World
(or Remote Facility, Non-Unique)

3x Helm of Nabu
2x Amulet of Nabu
2x Cloak of Nabu

An unexpected funeral this week meant that I did not have as much prep time for my deck as I usually do, so my pointers are purely theoretical.  The first thing you might notice is that I run waaay more higher drops in my build than Michael’s.  The reason for this is that you will likely be blowing your Straight to the Graves early to get as many Riddlers as possible into play.  You’ll want to remember to search out A Clash of Worlds (I know the card is not legal yet, but I need it in the deck to make Aquaman non-unique) or We Had a Team-Up when you’re using Straight to the Grave so that you have them in your KO’d pile for Black Manta to scoop up.

The reason for adding Aquaman to the mix is threefold:

1)  Aquaman, Founding Member is great for replenishing your hand.  You can Straight to the Grave for a second Riddler, scoop him to your hand for free with Aquaman, then discard him to Remote Facility, Helm of Nabu, Dr. Fate’s Tower, Cannible Tech, etc.

2)  Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis is super-sweet!  He gets you back a character and a non-character from your KO’d pile.  Isn’t that exactly what Straight to the Grave just put there?  I love the idea of replaying old Helms from the KO’d pile for extra draw.  He also gets back anything that Forced Conscription put in your KO’d pile and allows you grab any Straight to the Graves from your KO’d pile in case you need to put a different plot twist in there for Black Manta to grab.  So many uses!

3)  Poseidonis is also a sweet card, and probably one of the biggest reasons for building this team-up.  It can put anything back on top of your deck.  You can get back a fartifact anytime your opponent KO’s one; You can bring back any resource your opponent KO’s (except, of course, Poseidonis); You can stack your next drop on the top of you deck in case you’re missing Remote Facility/Soul World.  This card is the reason that we can trim some of the other numbers in the deck.  Speaking of Remote Facility… it is undeniably better than Soul World (see reason #1), but if you can’t team-up Aquaman in time, you will not be able to fetch him with it.  Until I can playtest this deck, I will not know which one of these to use.  If anyone can help me with this that would be great!

The deck does lose the ability to use Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace, which I will admit is much greater than Aquaman, Founding Member.  However, at the same time, I feel that Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis is greater than the six drop Bizarro.  Poseidonis is really the reason I wanted to make this switch.  I feel this build has great potential to be extremely consistant.  Also, this deck was built with “legend” qualifications in mind, which makes it really hard to compare to the original build.  I hope you guys enjoy and see you next week!


5 Responses

  1. Funerals suck imo. And yes, I was all psyched for a Colossus, Crane, and Cheetah deck but no, you had to tear that dream away from me imo.

  2. Also, give me a hulk icon imo.

  3. Uhhhh, that IS the Hulk. Also, build a cool deck that uses Colossus, Crane, and Cheetah; I WILL post it.

  4. Give me a real Hulk icon and i’ll do it imo.

  5. i agree with dizzle it doesn’t look like the hulk imo. by the way what the hell is mine? to me sizzle it looks like a crab imo.

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