Vs. Corps’ very own Infinity Gauntlet

Unfortunately, this week’s blog is NOT about the new Illuminati cards that have been floating around the interweb all week – but rather about an idea sparked by one of the new cards…

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re gearing up for a big event (like the upcoming Worlds) you rely on community heroes like Brian Foley and Tommy Ashton to give you gauntlets to test your own builds against.  Examples of these gauntlets can be found on the other end of these links:



The new (and old) card, “The Infinity Gauntlet,” gave me the idea of creating a continuous gauntlet of viable decks for any given tournament format. Continuous = Infinity… Get it?!

Now, to make sure that I have a permanently accessible gauntlet, I will make it a tab that can be found at top of this site.  This way no one has to search through the MILLIONS of articles on my site just to find this thing.  Also, this is quite an undertaking (at least for me) so I’m going to need some help.  The gauntlet is not yet finished (and technically never will be) because I don’t know every viable deck out there.  I only get a chance to go to the really big Vs. events, so my knowledge of the evolving meta isn’t what it ought to be.  For this reason I’m officially making a request for submissions of any decks you think deserve to be in this “Infinity Gauntlet.”  You can reply to this thread, reply to the “Ininity Gauntlet” tab, or e-mail the decks to me at scottkthompson@maktoob.com.

To start, I will list decks from the top 8 at the LA and Chicago Mega-Weekends.  I will also add some decks that were predicted to do well in both of those events.  Be sure to check this new tab often for updates.

As an aside, the creation of this “Infinity Gauntlet” in no way decreases the importance of other gauntlets out there (like Brian Foley’s) because those gauntlets will be far more attuned to the meta than this one will be.  This is meant to be a showcase of viable decks, not a prediction of what decks will do well at any given time.  I leave that to the pros!

Alright, stop reading already and help me out!


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  1. What is the one thing I was hoping this article would be about? The new illuminati cards. What is this article about? NOT THE NEW ILLUMINATI CARDS OMFG!!11!!1! imo.

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