Concealed MKKO Software version 7.0

Concealed MKKO (Marvel Knights Knock Out) made a big splash back in 2005 taking down $10K (remember those?) crowns everywhere. The success of the deck was due to its speed. It was too fast for Titans and Sentinels. Titans needed to make it to turn six to flood the board with weenies, and Sentinels needed to make it turn six to stonewall with Bastion. MKKO consistantly killed on turn five. Here’s the list of the deck that won a Golden Age $10K in Germany.

1 Micro-Chip, Linus Lieberman
4 Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
4 Iron Fist, Danny Rand
3 Hannibal King, Occult Investigator
3 Death-Stalker, Phillip Sterling
4 Elektra, Elektra Natchios
4 Luke Cage, Street Enforcer
3 Yelena Belova <> Black Widow, Enemy Agent
4 Daredevil, Matt Murdock
1 Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man

4 Crime and Punishment
4 Crushing Blow
4 Flying Kick
4 Quick Kill
4 Savage Beatdown
3 Swan Dive
4 Wild Ride

2 Punisher’s Armory Continue reading


I’m Rick Jones, B!&%#

Who knew that Hulk Hogan was thirty seconds in MS Paint from becoming an awful rendition of The Incredible Hulk? That ref in the background sure looks surprised at the transformation. Seriously, I need Adobe PhotoShop or something!

As you can probably guess, this week’s article is about The Hulk. I did not go to the first Hulk movie in theatres. The trailers for it looked awful, and my friends that went opening night had nothing good to say about it (they actually saw a boom in the shot). Eventually, I rented the movie through my online Blockbuster subscription and found that I hadn’t missed much. It had an incredibly slow story that focused on character development a little too much for such one-dimensional characters. Also, I still don’t think I understand what happened in the final battle. Continue reading

Burninating all the Peoples!


Apparantely nothing in this article is valid according to Ben Seck’s recent post on the mothership…

Fin Fang Foom – I made a little mistake in my preview article about the dragon with pants. I said you could chain plot twists to an FFF entering play. Except this isn’t possible, as the resource KO’ing is part of the alternate cost, and therefore the resources aren’t even there when he actually enters play! ~TBS

This does not make sense to me because of Fing Fang Foom’s text.  The key thing to note is that his text says, “…when you recruit Fin Fang Foom this way…”  This means Fin is already recruited before his KOing crap goes on the chain.  This should give you a window to chain effects.  I’m not sure who went wrong with what, but an explanation for this error needs to be posted pronto!

*****Enjoy this now worthless article!*****


Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon man
Or maybe he was just a dragon

But he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating the countryside,
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
And their thatched-roof COTTAGES!


(Woah, this has wicked dueling guitar solos!  It’s like, Squeedly versus Meedley over here.  Go Squeedly!  Go Squeedly!  SQUEEDLY WINS!) Continue reading

Full Frontal Lobo-Tommy

I was trolling through the blogs the other day on the Vs. System Network (see my links) when I came across Lost Hemisphere’s “Thursday 13” about cards that have yet to be broken.  When I got to his #10 on the list and saw that it was Lobo, The Main Man, I slapped myself.  I had not thought of that card since it was previewed before DC Legends was even released!  Now that he was freshly in my mind I decided to build a deck that included him.  I decided not to build a deck “around him,” just one with good synergy.  The fact is, I can’t really see how to break him in a format that usually ends the game before he even comes into play!  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and find ways to put his power to use. Continue reading