Full Frontal Lobo-Tommy

I was trolling through the blogs the other day on the Vs. System Network (see my links) when I came across Lost Hemisphere’s “Thursday 13” about cards that have yet to be broken.  When I got to his #10 on the list and saw that it was Lobo, The Main Man, I slapped myself.  I had not thought of that card since it was previewed before DC Legends was even released!  Now that he was freshly in my mind I decided to build a deck that included him.  I decided not to build a deck “around him,” just one with good synergy.  The fact is, I can’t really see how to break him in a format that usually ends the game before he even comes into play!  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun and find ways to put his power to use.

If you don’t know what Lobo does, here’s what his text says: “Whenever Lobo becomes stunned, search your deck for a copy of Lobo and put him into play exhausted.”  Since the new copy of Lobo is put into play instead of recruited, he will not KO the Lobo you already controll.  If you want a precedent, think of Poison Ivy’s ability to put multiple copies of The Riddler into play.

Before I picked a team to include Lobo in, I wanted to see what kind of plot twists could be used on him to reap his tasty rewards.  Join us or Die came to mind first because it allowed us to stun and recover a Villains United character, which would leave us with two, non-stunned Lobos.  This is perfect if we can give Lobo the Villains United team affiliation.  Unfortunately for us, cards like World’s Worstest, Team-Up; The Insiders, Team-Up;  Rann; and Thanagar only work on affiliated characters.  The only ways I could feasibly think of giving Lobo an affiliation in the current Silver Age environment was through Battleworld; Professor X, Headmaster; Storm, Leader of the Morlocks; and Roberto Da Costa, Heir to the Throne.  With any of these options we would still have to team-up with Villains United just to pull off Join us or Die.  If only Villains United had an easy way to team-up with people…  (despite my inability to actually pour sarcasm through the screen  at you, I am kidding).  They Have Calculator, Noah Kuttler and Coercion, who are similar to the Dagger/Midnight Sons engine from Marvel Knights.

So, we have an easy way to team-up with Villains United and Join us or Die to get two Lobos out on turn six.  There are still a couple of problems with this idea.  The major concern is that you’ll be stunning your six drop with Join us or Die to get another Lobo into play, leaving you six endurance down and with two exhausted six drops.  Storm, Leader of the Morlocks helps us with the endurance problem in addition to making Lobo a Morlock.  When she’s around, your out-of-combat stuns don’t cause you any damage.  This will be a great help in making sure you survive long enough to use both of your shiny Lobos.  Let’s see what else the Morlocks can bring to the table.

The Morlocks have a decent bundle of low-drop evasion characters.  The problem is often picking between them all.  My roomate Martin once built a straight Morlocks deck and complained that it was to hard to get enough characters into play to abuse the cards that give bonuses for each stunned character on your side of the board.  His solution was to run all possible one drops and skip two drops altogether.  This meant that he could have three characters evading as early as turn two to increase the power of his plot twists while not really caring about the fact that he wasn’t getting to swing with them.  I want to go a different route with this deck because Villains United has some characters that make up for this glaring weakness in our beloved poop-tunnel dwellers.

First of all, they have Dr. Light, Furious Flashpoint.  He brings a one or two drop into play each time he stuns.  This means that when you draw your first two drop on turn three (which happens faaaaar too often!), you can still get him into play.  Villains United also has Talia, Daughter of Madness.  This crazier-than-crazy villain performs similar to Dr. Light; she brings in one or two drops to help the Morlock plot twists become more powerful.

Healer, Life Giver will serve as a backup drop on three because his ability to gain life could help us survive until turns six and seven.  On turn five, Marrow, Gene Nation will be our Morlock inclusion because she can become rather large when you evade your low drops.  Evading just three one drops will make her a 12/11.

For six drops we’ll run three copies of Lobo because he can’t be searched for like everyone else in the deck.  Running only two Lobos could also screw you over if you happen to draw into both of them, rendering his ability useless.  Callisto is included because, like Marrow, she can also grow to enormous proportions.  She can also be searched for in case you missed Lobo.

Morlocks have some good plot twists too.  They have Good Samaritan for recovering your peeps, which is huge, because what’s the point of running Lobo if you can’t keep both of them for turn seven?  They also have some solid attack pumps in Bum’s Rush and Retribution, both of which rely on you having stunned characters on the board.  Here’s the list:

Dreadlocks meets Morlocks

4 The Calculator, Noah Kuttler
2 Tommy, Runaway
2 Artie, Arthur Maddicks
2 Electric Eve, Livewire
2 Leech, Inhibitor
2 Postman, Memory Thief
2 Tar Baby, Adhesive Ally
4 Dr. Light, Furious Flashpoint
1 Healer, Life Giver
3 Storm, Leader of the Morlocks
1 Sinestro, Villain Reborn
1 Talia, Daughter of Madness
1 Marrow, Gene Nation
3 Lobo, The Main Man
1 Callisto, Morlock Queen
1 Deathstroke the Terminator, Ultimate Assassin

2 Coercion
4 Join us or Die
4 Good Samaritan
4 Bum’s Rush
2 Retribution
4 Enemy of my Enemy
2 Bloodhound

3 Sewer System
3 The Hill

There you have it.  Storm helps keep us from burning away our own endurance so that we survive long enough to use our multiple Lobos.  But what if we want to use both Lobos on turn six?  Is there a team that can ready Lobo?  Professor X, Headmaster can help us with our problem of having both our six drops exhausted on turn six.  He doesn’t do it in his text box though (that’s just going to be used to make Lobo an X-Man); instead, he simply gives us access to To Me, My X-Men (To Me, My X-Men is one of the few readying effects available in Silver Age).

For one drops we can run Archangel to search out Worthington Industries, X-Corp and we can run Shadowcat, Phase Shifter because she’s huge and can help us stonewall to turn six.  On turn two we can run Bishop, Age of Apocalypse because he’s going to get us X-Men Assemble (or Marvel Zombies if we want him to!).  Bishop will be the mulligan condition for this build so he’ll be our only two drop.

On three we’ll try to hit Morph.  Most three drops that our opponent could be running will need a pump to take Morph down, and he’ll just get bigger for next turn thanks to X-Men Assemble!  As a backup to Morph we’ll include Xorn, Shen Xorn because of his recovery ability.

At four there’s really only one choice.  ‘Ol Wheels is needed to make Lobo and X-Man, and he draws us a card to boot.  Plus, how awesome is that eight defense?  The new Emma Frost has to activate to get us a card, and she only gets one more defense!

Turn five is a little odd for an X-Men Assemble-orientated deck.  On five I run Wolverine, The Best at What he Does.  This Wolverine auto-recovers at the start of the recovery phase just like Morph.  This is huge because it frees up your recovery effects for other characters like Professor X or Lobo.  Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse is often the Wolverine of choice, but his ability would be near useless without many more Wolverines forced into our build.

At six I decided to run Lobo, but you already knew that didn’t you?  I also included Colossus because he’s searchable with Mobilize and turns into a seven drop going into turn seven.  As an added bonus you have the chance to use the stacker of Wolverine and Colussus!

The plot twist package is pretty straightforward.  Children of the Atom and Marvel Zombies are used to recover your X-Men.  To Me, My X-Men readies Lobo.  Turnabout and SNIKT! are pumps that can be used on the attack or defense, and they’re both very strong pumps.  Finally, Xavier’s Institute is there to net you cards similar to what Professor X will hopefully be doing.  Here’s the build:

Aggressor meets Professor

4 Archangel, Angel
4 Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
4 Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
4 Morph, Exile
3 Xorn, Shen Xorn
4 Professor X, Headmaster
3 Wolverine, The Best At What He Does
3 Lobo, The Main Man
1 Colussus, Organic Steel
1 Juggernaut, The Unstoppable

4 X-Men Assemble
2 Marvel Zombies
4 To Me, My X-Men!
4 Turnabout
4 Mobilize
4 Children of the Atom

3 Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning
2 Worthington Industries, X-Corp

There’s also the possibility of combining these two decks with the team-up, Above and Below.  Not only does this team-up net you a card, it would give you access to both Storm’s endurance saving ability AND To Me, My X-men!  Not to mention the synergy that evasion has with a card that gives you recovery bonuses!  I’m not giving you a decklist for this one, simply build the two decks above, shuffle them together, and throw half of your 120 card deck away!  Maybe it’s not that easy, but I’m not going to do all work for you!

Speaking of “Below,”  I had mentioned that team-from-Hell’s Roberto Da Costa earlier in the article.  The only real synergy I found between Lobo and the Hellfire Club, was Magneto’s ability to stun Lobo to stun your opponent’s five drop.  If Magneto had been a five drop I would have investigated this option more thoroughly.  As is, I think this team-up would be really forced.

Well, there you have it.  Do you have any sweet ideas for fitting Lobo into a deck?  If so please let me know because I love getting free characters into play!  See you guys next week!


3 Responses

  1. more hulk decks plz. new hulk cards, hulk smash +8 attack NOWAI!!!!! imo. wtflolroflmao…

  2. I’d say run 4 Lobo, just because his effect doesn’t cost anything and if you face stall they might stun him more than once after you JUoD. Plus in the Morlocks build if you get 2-3 JUoD by turn six you can leave Storm with just Lobo next to her and get out 3-4 6 drops.

    Very cool though. Like both lists, though I think a hybrid with Join Us Or Die _and_ To Me My X-Men would really be the strongest.


  3. You’re probably right. I thought about doing every combo: X-Men/Villains, X-Men/Morlocks, etc. But the article was getting long and I was getting sleepy!

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