Concealed MKKO Software version 7.0

Concealed MKKO (Marvel Knights Knock Out) made a big splash back in 2005 taking down $10K (remember those?) crowns everywhere. The success of the deck was due to its speed. It was too fast for Titans and Sentinels. Titans needed to make it to turn six to flood the board with weenies, and Sentinels needed to make it turn six to stonewall with Bastion. MKKO consistantly killed on turn five. Here’s the list of the deck that won a Golden Age $10K in Germany.

1 Micro-Chip, Linus Lieberman
4 Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
4 Iron Fist, Danny Rand
3 Hannibal King, Occult Investigator
3 Death-Stalker, Phillip Sterling
4 Elektra, Elektra Natchios
4 Luke Cage, Street Enforcer
3 Yelena Belova <> Black Widow, Enemy Agent
4 Daredevil, Matt Murdock
1 Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man

4 Crime and Punishment
4 Crushing Blow
4 Flying Kick
4 Quick Kill
4 Savage Beatdown
3 Swan Dive
4 Wild Ride

2 Punisher’s Armory

What’s important to note is how many cards are still available in the Modern Age cardpool; Crushing Blow, Quick Kill, Savage Beatdown, and Wild Ride are still here and still good cards. It’s also worth noting that this older version had a four drop Luke Cage that could attack the hidden area, and the new version has Wolverine, Covert Predator, that can hit the hidden area. This ability gives Marvel Knights a leg-up on other hidden area decks like Birds of Prey and Injustice Gang because you can wreck their field without having to top-deck into a Skreeeeeee!

Let’s see if we can come up with a competitive Modern Age MKKO to compete with Birds of Prey, Hidden Injustice Gang, and other powerful decks in the Modern Age meta. We’ll try to keep our curve full of powerhouses, and our plot twist selection limited to pumps, searchers, and KO effects.

At one we’ll run Black Panther, Silent Stalker because he’s got the stats of a two drop. We’ll also run the amazing Black Widow, Femme Fatal. She’s brutal in the mirror match (or any match with a hidden area crew) because she can swing, then KO their one drop with her ability to prevent them from swinging back.

At two we could have a couple of Daredevils (one being an imposter) that get bigger when attacking up the curve. Daredevil, Fearless Survivor gets +3 up the curve, while Iron Fist <> Daredevil, Imposter gets +2/+2. The only problem with this is that Iron Fist is not concealed. This isn’t that big of a deal because Iron Fist is essentially a three drop on turn three, but there is another option at two that is still good and concealed. Punisher, Suicide Run will be the true backup of the deck. Punisher is sweet against other concealed decks because he can swing straight to the face and still get his KO ability off. Wait… how can we get his KO ability off against another concealed deck when we can’t attack their characters? That’s where our three drop comes into play.

At three we’ll want to hit the new Blade, Independent Contractor from the Marvel Universe set. Blade has the crucial ability to attack the hidden area to smash Barbara Gordon, Batman, Black Manta, Owlman, First Lady of the Fantastic Four, etc. He also has the power to move the characters that he attacks visible, guarenteeing you get to smash those same characters over and over again! Every three drop that I just listed is brutal to play against, so Blade’s ability is one of the things that gives Marvel Knights that little extra something to be competitive. Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider is also pretty cool when you’re playing against visible decks. He gets larger for every stunned character on board, so just swing with him last for some big beats.

I also want to include one copy of Cloak, Shadowmaster. It sucks that he has to tap to use his ability, but it sure is a useful ability. If you are missing a crucial pump to take down someone like Thing, Heavy Hitter on turn five, Cloak can just send Thing packing. If your opponent put equipment that isn’t Concealed-Optional on a character, then Cloak can destroy that equipment by moving the equipped character hidden. He is very versatile, just not much of a beat-stick.

Finally, I’ve been debating Echo, Masterless Samurai. She could sit visible and soak up some damge from other hidden area decks that would otherwise weasel around a stunback. This could make her valuable. Her low attack means that she goes against our deck’s agressive nature, however; so I’ll omit her for now

At four we’ll want Wolverine, Covert Predator. His ability to attack hidden is awesome, much like Blade’s. The Blade and Wolverine one-two punch can guarentee that other hidden decks in the environment won’t stand a chance, even if they’re running more pumps. I’m also going to include a copy of Elektra, Masterless Assassin in this build. Elektra isn’t that good if you didn’t design the deck around her. Her ability to smack directly is actually sometimes a hindrance because she’s not taking a beefy defender out of the way of our little guys. There might be an occaison, though, where our opponent has put up a huge unstunnable four or five drop that we just can’t get through <Cough>Captain America, Loyal Patriot<Cough>. In this scenario, it might be nice to search out some direct damage.

At five we’ll stray from the beaten path and include a visible character. Vengeance, Spirit of Vengeance is one cool cat because he burns for five when he stuns. This extra damage might be exactly what you need to push your opponenet over the edge on your kill turn. If you are on the defensive on turn five and need to guarentee a swing back, we’ll include the only hidden Marvel Knight five drop, Moon Knight, Knight of Khonshu. His ability is very Injustice Gang-ish. He’ll probably not stun back when he attacks on their initiative because he will be a 10/12 five drop. Not too shabby.

If we’re forced to go to six, we’ll need a couple of options. Like Vengeance, Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance can burn our opponent to death, only this time much more savagely. Essenetially, every character you control (other than Ghost Rider) will do extra burn equal to their cost. If you opponent can survive this, then you were losing the game a long time before Ghost Rider hit the field. Our other six drop will be Hulk, Savage Hulk. Hulk has the ability to end the game pretty quickly. Sure he drops you to zero endurance, but he also puts up a brick wall. If you have 15 endurance left, then your opponent will have to attack through a 27/27 six drop. I’m betting that they’ll probably have to throw their whole team into him (and then some), and you’ll get to swing back from the hidden area with a big smile on your face. Hulk also works well on turn seven if your opponent somehow survived a turn six Ghost Rider.

For plot twists we’ll have to include the mandatory search package. With a straight Marvel Knights build we’ll be able to run Wild Ride and Mobilize. For pumps we’ll run some combination of Savage Beatdown, Crushing Blow, Crackshot, and Combat Reflexes. Marvel Knights also has Quick Kill, which is an amazing reprint that lets you KO an opposing stunned four drop without exhausting one of your own characters. This is a very important detail in an aggressive deck! Here’s the new build:

4x Black Panther, Silent Stalker
4x Black Widow, Femme Fatale
4x Daredevil, Fearless Survivor
4x Punisher, Suicide Run
4x Blade, Independent Contractor
1x Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider
1x Cloak, Shadowmaster
3x Wolverine, Covert Predator
1x Elektra, Masterless Assassin
1x Moon Knight, Knight of Khonshu
1x Vengeance, Spirit of Vengeance
1x Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance
1x Hulk, Savage Hulk

4x Desert Eagles

2x Stryker’s Island

4x Wild Ride
4x Mobilize
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Crushing Blow
4x Crackshot/Combat Reflexes
4x Quick Kill

This deck has not been tested at all. I have a twelve hour drive to Worlds ahead of me tonight to playtest this beautiful beast, so I have no idea how well it’s going to do. Speculation is the name of my game! I apologize for how short and slapped-together this post was, but rest assured, next week’s tourney reports should be worth the wait! I hope to see you all at Worlds!


3 Responses

  1. Was that a reference to Toxicity in the title? +1 mil. points if so, -your life if not imo.

  2. Absolutely! I didn’t know if anyone would catch that!

  3. well duh imo. that’s my fav song on that cd. of course i’d catch it imo.

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