The Gunsmith, Death Times Five

Rarity always seemed to matter to me in Vs.  Most rare attack modifiers like Savage Beatdown, Big Leagues, Steely Resolve, Armageddon, Blinding Rage, etc. outshine their more common counterparts like Combat Reflexes and Acrobatic Dodge.  There is, however, an occasional common or uncommon that is so good you wonder how in the heck it got past the rare-detector.  Teen Titans Go! is the first card that comes to mind.  Though, when you really think about it, only one out of all twelve banned cards is actually a rare, so maybe I need to rethink my hypothesis about the value of rarity.

Back when the Justice League set came out I thought I had found another common card on par with the power of Teen Titans Go!  The first time I read this card I was taken aback.  I thought, “Like ‘Bill’ in the Pokemon TCG that nets you free cards with no drawback, you’d be an idiot not to run as many of these as allowed in your deck!” Continue reading



As I write this I’m sipping a fruity drink from the comfort of a Hammock.  My Hammock is actually a bed, and is not at all in Hawaii as hinted at, though I’m going to pretend because I’m weird like that!  As I mentioned last week, my summer work hours have fried my brain and I needed a week off from thinking.  That being said, I went to see some movies.  Last Friday I saw The Dark Knight;  Tuesday I saw HellboyII; and tonight I’ll be watching Step Brothers, which looks hilarious! Continue reading


After all the craziness of Worlds and the DCU set being unveiled, I thought I’d slow down and do what I used to do with this blog… take one card, and examine a bevy of possible uses for it, obvious and otherwise.  The card I want to look at today is called Phyla-Vell <> Quasar, Protector of the Universe.  As far as the sealed environment goes Phyla is dyno-mite!  She grants your entire team the ability to team attack and reinforce as though they had all team affiliations.  This ability means that you don’t have to run as many team-ups in the sealed environement, or at least you don’t have to stress about hitting them as consistantly.  However, it’s another one of her abilities that I want to focus on today.  I’m far more interested in her ability to auto-recover whenever she becomes stunned.  “Whenever” might be a poor word choice on my part because this ability is a cosmic one.  After the first time that she stuns and recovers she loses her ability to do it again.  My goal today is to look at ways to eliminate that drawback.  Before we can do that though, we’ve got to think of reasons we would want Phyla to stick around… Continue reading

Worlds 2008 – Best of the Wurst!

I’m finally ready to relay my Worlds 2008 experience to the masses.  I must apologize for the lateness of this submission but I put in 100 hours of work last week (barely humanly possible) and typed a preview article for the DCU set (which is sweet!), so I had little time for a tournament report.  As such, I may have forgotten a few details, but I’ll do my best to recreate my super-fun-adventure time!

I went to the Origins Game Fair with my friends Paul and Eric Madden.  These were the same two that accompanied me to Mega-Weekend Chicago, and like Chicago we used the drive and our first night in the hotel to do all our playtesting.  Why so little testing you ask?  Well, I put in insane work hours (see above) and the Maddens don’t own Vs. cards.  It’s all good though because we go for the experience.  Winning is just a cool bonus… a bonus that the Maddens experience more than me! Continue reading

DC Universe is Finally Here!

My journey through the world of CCGs has been a slow, but progressive chapter of my life. I started out sucking hard at multiple games (Decipher’s Star Wars; Score’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Upper Deck’s Vs.). Eventually I became almost competent at Vs., at least competent enough that I was comfortable writing a weekly blog.  Now, starting July 2008, I take my biggest step forward as a CCG gamer. That’s right… preview card entitlement!

I never thought this day would come, yet here it is… my first preview card(s)! I’m not quite sure how they paired these preview cards up with me; it’s almost like they knew I was a Green Lantern fan! Anyway, without further ado, here are your cards. Continue reading