DC Universe is Finally Here!

My journey through the world of CCGs has been a slow, but progressive chapter of my life. I started out sucking hard at multiple games (Decipher’s Star Wars; Score’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Upper Deck’s Vs.). Eventually I became almost competent at Vs., at least competent enough that I was comfortable writing a weekly blog.  Now, starting July 2008, I take my biggest step forward as a CCG gamer. That’s right… preview card entitlement!

I never thought this day would come, yet here it is… my first preview card(s)! I’m not quite sure how they paired these preview cards up with me; it’s almost like they knew I was a Green Lantern fan! Anyway, without further ado, here are your cards.

The first card is Hal Jordan, Rebirth.  You’ll notice that the art on the card is oddly similar to the art found on my banner.  That is because I did the artwork for both.  All kidding aside, this is an incredible card.  Hal’s text box says that whenever he stuns a character, you get to draw a card.  Without any tricks, it’s likely that a vanilla 9/9 five drop will get two stuns off in any given game, one stun on both turns five and six.  That’s two free cards for doing nothing different than you were already planning on doing!  Of course with careful planning, we can get some abuse out of this card.

Before we talk about optimally using Hal Jordan, Rebirth, I wanted to first show you my other preview card.  It’s unlikely you’ll ever create a deck that includes one of these preview cards, but not the other, so it’s useful to think of them in tangent when trying to abuse them.  Lantern of Earth is a sweet little ongoing plot twist that gives Hal Jordan +2/+2 whenever he powers up.  This is a replacement effect similar to Lost City, so he’s not technically powering up when he does this.  A +2/+2 bonus might not seem that significant, but think about how often something like this stonewalls your attack.  Sure if you only get off Lantern of Earth a couple of times in a game, it won’t be very good.  However, if you design your deck around it like Big Brotherhood did with Lost City, you could leave your opponenet in a world of hurt.  Let’s see what has synergy with these two cards…

The obvious thing to look at first are the previous Hal Jordan legend cards.  Fearless is a plot twist that powers up a Hal Jordan twice.  Combine that with Lantern of Earth and you are looking at a +4/+4 attack pump on the attack or defense.  This is much easier to pull off than Family of Four, and that card has proven to be quite brutal in the current meta.  This is also significant because Hal Jordan will likely not be stunning back.  This means that we can keep his card drawing ability around even longer!

Recharge! is another Hal Jordan legend card; this one is an ongoing that lets you draw an extra card per turn.  This could help you draw into a lot of power-ups to feed Lantern of Earth.  Big Brotherhood had Avalon Space Station to net them extra power-ups for every discard, we’ll simply have to rely on drawing into more of them.

There are many other cards that we can use to power up Hal Jordan, but a lot of them currently lie on the JLA team.  Let’s see what cards we could use in a JLA/Green Lantern Team-Up in the Silver Age environment.

First I have to mention Truth and Justice, Team-Up.  This is a card that teams-up AND powers-up!  When you consider that the three drop Hal Jordan, Founding Member is already on both teams, this seems like a natural inclusion in a Green Lantern/JLA power-up deck.  Also, if you’re teaming up with JLA, you’d probably want to run the Hall of Justice.  This location allows you one power-up per turn, and all you have to do is mill a card off the top of your deck.  Similarly, Reform the League allows you to discard character cards to power-up JLA characters you control once per turn.

The last couple of cards that would probably be auto-inclusions in a JLA/Green Lantern power-up deck are Magnificent Seven and Nth Metal.  Both are power-up cards with their own advantages.  Magnificent Seven stands to net you a replacement card while Nth Metal is an equipment that will stick around and give you multiple power-ups, essentially making any Hal Jordan you equip permanently +2/+2.  With an Nth Metal, Hal Jordan, Rebirth is at minimum an 11/11 character with flight and range that will net you a card every time he stuns someone!

Recharge! and Hal Jordan, Rebirth are already drawing us cards, but what if we include The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name as our four drop?  He’ll also draw you cards if you can remember all his names.  The first name you give him could be Hal Jordan so that you can get use out of Lantern of Earth and other Hal Jordan legend cards on multiple characters.  When you recruit Hal Jordan, Rebirth on turn five you won’t have to replace The Captain because they don’t technically have the same name.  The Captain’s name would technically be “The Captain; Hal Jordan” while Hal Jordan’s name would only be “Hal Jordan”.  A hilarious rule, but helpful for our purposes!

If you don’t want to splash in Nextwave cards, then how about using Aquaman with Hal?  The four drop Aquaman, Founding Member returns character cards from the KO’d pile to hand if you control characters with the same name.  Wait a tick… if they have the same name as a character in play can’t they power-up that character?  How sweet is this synergy?  You could run Hal on three and five while running Aquaman on four and six.  You’d probably have to run Clash of worlds, but you could have a double legend deck that actually rocks!  Heck, you could even use Poseidonis to put cards on the top of your deck that you’d previously lost to effects like Reform the League and Hall of Justice!

Speaking of Clash of Worlds, there is another DCX card that you can use in this deck: I’m Back, Poozers!  That’s right, the willpower mechanic seems like it’s going to be making an appearance in this set.  Hal Jordan, Rebirth has a willpower of five.  If there is a curve of Green Lanterns with willpower, I’m Back, Poozers! will be an amazing recovery card.

Alright, I’m going to try to stop here before I try to team Hal up with every team out there.  This set seems amazing already and I’ve only seen two cards.  It might be that I’m biased because of my fandom of all things Green Lantern, but I think these cards seem cool without being outrageously powerful (which is often a pitfall that fantasy cards face).  Kudos to the creators of this set, and many thanks to them for the opportunity to get a first look!

I’ll be back next week with my World’s tournament report!


9 Responses

  1. Wow, those are incredible!

    The Captain, His Name Is Broken! Hehehe. I love that card so hard it’s not even funny.


  2. Was that a reference to Toxicity in the title?

  3. imo.

  4. Not this time Dave.

    And Mike, I’m with you, The Captain’s possibilities are near endless!

  5. Thought the article was great. Glad you liked the cards.

  6. synergy!

  7. I bet you still don’t believe that I have a blog, despite your post!

  8. […] a fantasy set called DC Universe, and was kind enough to let me preview a couple of Hal Jordan cards.  Now the other half of my dream is coming to […]

  9. […] a fantasy set called DC Universe, and was kind enough to let me preview a couple of Hal Jordan cards.  Now the other half of my dream is coming to […]

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