Worlds 2008 – Best of the Wurst!

I’m finally ready to relay my Worlds 2008 experience to the masses.  I must apologize for the lateness of this submission but I put in 100 hours of work last week (barely humanly possible) and typed a preview article for the DCU set (which is sweet!), so I had little time for a tournament report.  As such, I may have forgotten a few details, but I’ll do my best to recreate my super-fun-adventure time!

I went to the Origins Game Fair with my friends Paul and Eric Madden.  These were the same two that accompanied me to Mega-Weekend Chicago, and like Chicago we used the drive and our first night in the hotel to do all our playtesting.  Why so little testing you ask?  Well, I put in insane work hours (see above) and the Maddens don’t own Vs. cards.  It’s all good though because we go for the experience.  Winning is just a cool bonus… a bonus that the Maddens experience more than me!

Our one night of cracking my MUN case and playtesting led us to a few conclusions:

  1. Hulk.dec has large beats potential.
  2. Eric’s Radioactive Man idea was not as crazy of an idea as I originally thought (nor was it even a dark horse at the tournament).
  3. Hidden beats decks like Birds of Prey and MKKO were still strong choices in an uncertain environment.

We ended up building Hulk, Birds of Prey, Radioactive Man, and World’s Finest (I still don’t have half the rares to build Family of Four) to choose from.  We even started to build an Avengers deck that used Human Torch, Secret Avenger to put The Sentry, Mighty Avenger on top of the deck multiple times for some big burn, but there was no time to iron that one out.  Eric chose to play the Hulk despite only playing his Radioactive Man deck during playtesting.  His Hulk deck was extremely similar to the one I wrote about two weeks back, but he dropped Caiera and the seven drop Hulk and focused on boosting in the six drop Hulk and hitting Hercules on seven.

Paul played a deck that locked down the opponent’s plot twists with Radioactive Man.  This deck ended up being present at the tournament in large numbers, but our build was a little more agressive  than most.  Eric, the deck’s designer, focused more on beats than piling up counters.  Venom with a T-Wagon almost seemed more vital to this deck than Radioactive man, but we did splash Black Panther, Secret Avenger into the build to help us pile on some crucial mid-game counters.

Finally, I played Birds of Prey/Gotham Knights.  My list was almost identical to the one I featured a few weeks back, but I was unable to acquire a full set of Lady Blackhawks so I added another Gotham Central and another two drop.  Hanson’s “Mmmm Bop” was this deck’s theme song all day because of the acronym BOP for Birds of Prey.  Here’s my decklist:

2x Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake
4x Huntress, Vicious Vigilante
3x Gypsy, Illusionary Operative
4x Barbara Gordon <> Oracle, Hacker Elite
2x Catwoman, Feline Fatale
4x Batman, Twilight Vigilante
1x Vixen, Mari Jiwe McCabe
2x Kate Kane <> Batwoman, Katherine the Younger
1x Savant, Brian Durlin
2x Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, Cry in the Dark

4x Mobilize
4x Bat-Signal
4x The Hook-Up
4x Crushing Blow
4x Blinding Rage
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Birds of a Feather
4x Skreeeeeee!

3x Gotham Central

Round 1 Vs. Curtis Brown with Secret Avengers

Curtis Brown is better known by the Vs. community as T’Challa over on  He is an incredibly cool cat that gave everyone he played against a Wonder Woman counter (sorry for the low quality picture!).  Apparently his lady friend works in graphic design, so he has a great connection to awesome things like this.  For the rest of the day I used this counter to show when Barbara Gordon had used her free ability.  Curtis won the die roll and took odds.  After we both passed on turn one, I recruited Huntress and Curtis recruited Dr. Strange or Hawkeye on turn two.  I can’t remember which one.  I know it was a hidden Avenger two drop that rallied for a card, but it was not Captain America.  On three Curtis put down Punisher, Secret Avenger and I started to worry that perhaps his deck was an MKKO variant.  I threw down Babs and flipped The Hook-Up to get my card draw on.  On four I hit Batman, Twilight Vigilante, but Mr. Brown was forced to underdrop.  Captain America, Secret Avenger and his shield hit the table and successfully rallied to give everyone +1/+1 counters.  Essentially this meant that six attack had been recruited on turn four and Barbara Gordon would not be attacking ever again, so it was hardly an underdrop.  I looked at a couple of Skreeeeeee! in my hand and decided to take out a couple of characters from his side.  I also wanted the burn effect from Batman, so I swung him into Captain America as his Punisher was a power-up from stunning Batman back.  It was a futile effort anyway since Curtis flipped a Nasty Surprise from the row and Batman turned dirt-side.  I then swung Huntress into Punisher for another two-way stun.  Curtis must have thought trading stuns was more valuable than using Punisher’s ability on my stunned Batman, because that’s what he opted to do.  At the end of the turn he lost Punisher and I lost Huntress.  On five I dropped Kate Kane, totally forgetting to use her ability (first game jitters I guess), but it did not seem to matter.  Curtis hit Black Panther (of course!) and swung with his board into my face.  I swung back with all my plots into his equally open board and when the dust settled the final score was -10 to -19. (1-0)

Round 2 Vs. Warren Snider with Family of Four

Warren got evens and once again we went to turn two before a character hit the table.  Once I saw Luke Cage, Steel-Hard Skin I got nervous.  If you go back and read my Mega-Weekend Chicago tourney reports you’ll find my hatred of the Family of Four (FoF) deck come up more than once.  The deck usually only looses when it draws very poorly.  I would run the deck myself if anyone would trade Force Field Projections, Only Humans, and Family of Fours, of which I have essentially none!  This build of FoF was a bit upgraded.  He played Carrying the Torch to give his characters other names when he needed to get off late game Force Field Projections or power-ups.  He also ran the unaffiliated Human Torch from the Galactus tin as his six drop.  We both curved in this match.  I hit Huntress, Barbara, Batman, Savant, and Dinah, while he hit Luke Cage, Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, and Human Torch.  On turn six he used Mr. Fantastic’s ability and attacked with his Human Torch into a Dinah Laurel Lance that I put visible to soak up some damage, but passed to me with a ready Thing.  At this time I had not seen Carrying the Torch in his deck, so I could not fathom why Thing did not attack.  Savant ran into Thing, but all of the sudden Thing turned into Jessica Alba and my attack was on the pointy end of a Force Field Projection.  Darn!  I had to pass the rest of my attacks because I had little in the way of pumps.  On turn seven he used Mr. Fantastic’s ability and the real Sue Storm hit the table to make my whole board (and his) -3 attack.  I ran Dinah and Batman into Sue with a face-up Gotham Central for fourteen attack and added a pump to the mix. Then I ran my other three characters (Huntress, Barbara, and Savant) into Thing for 12 combined attack. This brought Warren’s life to -13 while mine was still at 14.  He had a swing back with human torch for 13, but it wasn’t enough. This game involved waaaay to much thinking.  (2-0)

Round 3 Vs. Niles Rowland with Squirrel Girl’s Agents

I finally won a die roll, but it did not matter in the least because I missed huge on this one.  Niles, by the way, is one cool guy.  I enjoyed this loss immensely!  The Ben Seck was also watching this match, so I had an audience for my deck’s colossal misfire.  I didn’t have a drop on turn one or two, but I enjoyed looking at two Bat-Signals and two Mobilizes in my hand the whole time.  On turn three I underdropped a Gypsy, and my life total was going to be so low that I didn’t mind showing Niles what she milled off the top of my deck.  On four I got to recruit Vixen, but it was waaaay too late because I had taken so much face damage.  Niles was rocking a S.H.I.E.L.D. army deck that used Cape-Killers Units to rally for AND recruit S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.  He also used some team-up to make all his guys Brotherhood characters, then proceeded to play The Next Brotherhood to add on to the fire that his Helicarriers were sending my way.  It was -10 to 46 before I threw in the towel.  Vixen is big, but not that big!  Kudos on a sweet army deck!  (2-1)

Round 4 Vs. Mark Smith with World’s Finest

Mark Smith came all the way from New Brunswick, Canada.  He was an incredibly fun guy to play against because even losing was a good time for him.  Sometimes I’m the same way, but Mark seemed to have the market on good moods.  He won the die roll and took evens.  We both missed on one, but he put a tell-all one drop down on turn two: Alfred.  He was obviously playing World’s Finest.  Batman, Founding Member was his three drop, which ended up working well for me.  I attacked Alfred first and Mark chose not to return Alfred to hand because he was not worried about my ability to attack hidden.  But one Skreeeeeee! later his whole board was stunned and he was unable to use Alfred at all.  On four he put down Huntress and I recruited my Batman for a Gotham Vs. Gotham showdown.  His attack with Huntress brought the game back to close, but when my Batman attacked back and got his double stun damage in, I pulled back into the lead.  On five I hit Savant, but he could not get anyone in his deck.  The only search card he had in hand was For the Man Who has Everything.  He wanted to get Superman, Last Son of Krypton so that he could play him, Alfred, and The Hook-Up, but he could not meet the Loyalty-Reveal of the Last Son.  He also could not get Superman, Metropolis Marvel for the same reason.  This is pretty much where the game ended.  The score was 38 to 15 and Mark decided to scoop.  This left me with three wins on the day, and only four are needed for day two.  I though I had it for sure, but I had a harder battle ahead of me than I though! (3-1)

Round 5 Vs. Travis Frazier with MKKO

Travis Frazier made the trip all the way from California only to lose a die roll to me!  I took odds because it suited my endearing but goofball nature.  In all seriousness though, this was a sweet game for me! I missed on one, two, and three. On four I recruited gypsy who put a huntress on the top of the deck.  Then I used the Hook-Up to ditch a six drop and draw the Huntress so I could recruit her. On turn five I underdropped again with Bats. My deck just savagely misfired. His deck on the other hand hit Punisher on two, Blade on three, Wolverine on four, and Daredevil and Blackcat on five.  He KO’d Bats on five with a Wolverine and Punisher one-two punch.  That same turn Blade swung into a two drop of mine leaving me with only one attack back, everyone else on his side laid some beats to my face. I think this one even went to turn six, but it was waaaaay too late for me to turn things around.  I wish I would have curved out because MKKO was a matchup that I was very curious about the night before while playtesting, but just never had the time to try.  I lost this one -28 to 25. (3-2)

Round 6 Vs. Chris Buelo with Radioactive Man (“My eyes! The goggles! They do nothing!”)

I know I don’t have this one entirely correct, but here goes…  I took evens.   He was playing a Thunderbolts deck that focused on using Radioactive Man to stop opponents from playing plots.  Paul was playing something similar and Paul, like this guy, made it to day two with this deck.  He had a ton of guys gaining counters at the start of the recruit step, but I don’t remember which ones they all were. He also used Heroic Effort and I Am Doom to put counters onto Radioactive Man.  I literally could not play any plots this game unless Radioactive Man was stunned or exhausted. This became a huge problem because I could only team attack since his counters made his defense too high while simultaneously stopping my my attack pumps. On five I put down Savant but he underdropped two two-drops and a Green Goblin one-drop that put a counter on his Radioactive Man. I managed to stun Radioactive Man so that I could Mobilize for a Dinah to recruit next turn.  On six Dinah went visible so I wouldn’t lose with all the direct damage I would have taken.  I should have gotten Kate instead though to get an out-of-combat stun on Radioactive Man.  He dropped Melissa Gold. I teamed Savant and Huntress into Melissa, then smacked Radioactive Man with Dinah. He reinforced and choose Radioactive to KO because I mobilized for Kate Kane (finally).  His Radioactive man was like a 10/9 that stopped all plots so it actually was a tough call for him! On seven I dropped Kate Kane to ping one of his low drops, but he had already recruited Bullseye. POOP! I ran Batman and Huntress into Melissa and Bullseye’s ability made sure both stunned. Then I ran Savant with pumps into Melissa for the stun and kate kane direct, but it wasn’t enough. I lost -22 to -18.  I should have gotten Kate Kane on turn six when I got to use Mobilize, but that’s all Hindsight.  Another big play of the game came on turn six when we were both at 5 endurance.  I ran into a front row two drop of his with a bunch of pumps because I needed him to tap his support row character (who was seven attack) for reinforcement. That way I wouldn’ t lose on his attack back.  My lack of flight was really hurting in this game.  (3-3)

Round 7 Vs. Herve (Harvey) Robichaud with Brotherhood

Harvey got evens and we both passed on turn one.  On two he put down Quicksilver, Mercurial Speedster while I had a Gypsy.  On three I had Babs to his Random (Uh-Oh!).  I ran Gypsy into Quicksilver with a power-up and he flipped a Total Anarchy. He then activated Random so that Gypsy stunned back.  We both KO’d. I then run Babs into Random with a Crushing Blow hoping for a one-sided stun. He has Nasty Surprise (the most appropriately titled card in the game) so that we both lost our guys again!  On four we both had our four drops. I have Vixen to his Magneto, Mutant Supreme. Magneto activated to stun me because Total Anarchy had made my Vixen the lowest drop. Ouch!  On five he put down Juggernaut and I put down Savant.  Mags activated to stun my four again and Savant traded stuns with Juggernaut.  On six he dropped the Sentinel Mark VII so I couldn’t put my six drop visible anymore.  At the very least he could no longer use Mags on my four drop because I lost her last turn!  He swings directly to the face for 30 with his three characters.  I swing back with all I got, but it’s not enough.  The final score ended up being -20 to -10.  (3-4)

I didn’t make day 2 after a 3-1 start.  I’ve got to be one of the biggest choke artists out there.  The deck probably would have been a little more consistent with four Lady Blackhawks in at the one drop position, but most games came down to whether or not I hit Batman, Twilight Vigilante.  His extra burn damage made him the day’s MVP.  Oh well though, Paul did make day two, and Eric and I got to play Sealed, which is my favorite format by far anyway!  Here’s a picture of me finding my final standings after the seven-round Modern Age tournament.  I came in 63 place which is sweet because the top 64 get packs.  It’s also worth noting that the top 62 went on to play in day two.  This officially makes me the BEST OF THE WORST players there!  It made my day to find that neon sign (seen above) at a nearby bratwurst stand.

I did fair better at the Sealed event the next day.  I was 2-2 going into my final round and got paired against… Eric Madden.  That’s right folks, I once again had to play someone I came with.  Eric is seen pictured to the right in his awesome JLA cutoff that’s two sizes too small.  I think I mentioned in my Mega-Weekend article that I always play a Madden at every tourney I go to, which kind of sucks, but what do you do.  I squeaked out a victory against Eric to end up 3-2.  That made me 6-6 for the whole trip, which I thought was just fine.  Pretty darn good for a kid who never has time to practice!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like it was a good time. I would have like to come and pwn with Hulk imo. Congrats on being best of the worst. I guess it’s better than being worst of the worst. Fate is a sick mistress to have you place 63rd when top 62 make day 2. Speaking of unrelated matters…what? Is there anyway you could link cards in your articles? I know that would be a lot more work but it would rock hard imo. I keep wanting to look at cards that you mention, but I’m just so darn lazy. If i could just click them and BOOOOOOOOOOOM! they would appear, that would be awesome. Either way, I may or may not read, or reread, any of your articles again, in the future, past, or present, at any given time, or place, at all, ever, imo.

  2. hey look that is my name in print, kinda. oh yeah, way to call me back scott.
    dizzle i’m going to miss you at gen con this year.

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