As I write this I’m sipping a fruity drink from the comfort of a Hammock.  My Hammock is actually a bed, and is not at all in Hawaii as hinted at, though I’m going to pretend because I’m weird like that!  As I mentioned last week, my summer work hours have fried my brain and I needed a week off from thinking.  That being said, I went to see some movies.  Last Friday I saw The Dark Knight;  Tuesday I saw HellboyII; and tonight I’ll be watching Step Brothers, which looks hilarious!

The Dark Knight rocked, nothingnew there; and Hellboy II was enjoyable as long as you went in expecting a slightly campy action movie.  Aside from watching movies all week, I did do something slightly productive… I added more decks to my ever-updating test gauntlet found along the tabs at the top of this page.  Here are the excerpts that are new this week…

Sniper Shot

This is the deck that won World’s 2008.  It uses Ruin to toolbox important Ongoings like Sniper Shot or a Team-Up.    The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name is a huge piece to this deck’s puzzle as he allows you to have multiple Punishers on the table to exhaust to Sniper Shot.  The Captain also draws you cards and enables Legend cards for Captain America.  He really is the crux of this deck.  The deck’s only real weakness is a short hidden curve deck like MKKO that can kill it before it starts to load counters onto Sniper Shot.

4 Captain America, The Patriot, Secret Avenger
4 Punisher, Suicide Run
4 Professor Emil Hamilton, Ruin, Power Suit
4 The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name
1 Captain Atom, Quantum Energy
1 Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic
1 Air-Walker, Herald
1 Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1 Human Torch, Fiery Friend
1 Spider-Man, Outlaw
1 Punisher, Angel of Death
1 Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch

4 Carrying the Torch
4 Sniper Shot
3 Have a Blast!
4 Mobilize
4 Wild Ride
3 Pathetic Attempt
3 Superhuman Registration Act
3 Omnipotence
2 Neighborhood Watch
1 Stars and Stripes
1 My Name Is Peter Parker . . .

4 Captain America’s Shield

Fury-ous Agents

This is a simple, yet fun army deck that floods the floor with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents for a lotta burn.  The Helicarrier turns the Agents into characters that can actually attack, and the one-two punch of Nick Fury and Squirrel Girl make sure that your board is always full.  Evil Lair, Torture Chamber, and Speedball round out the burn package and make this deck as brutal on the off initiative as it is on-initiative.

16 S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, Army ○ Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
4 Speedball ◊ Penance, Painmonger
4 Squirrel Girl, Doreen Green
4 Jessica Drew ◊ Spider-Woman, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ○ HYDRA
4 Wolverine, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ○ HYDRA
3 Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
1 Barbara Gordon ◊ Oracle, Hacker Elite
3 Life Model Decoy, More Human than Human

4 Blinding Rage
4 Savage Beatdown

2 Evil Lair
3 Torture Chamber
4 Birthing Chamber
4 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Radioactive Man

This is a control deck that aims to get as many counters onto Radioactive Man as possible.  The more counters on him, the more your opponent’s plot twists cost.  He can really lock down opponent’s quickly when Iron Man, Mighty Avenger hits the table on turn four with an Extremis Upgrade.  Resist the urge to swing with your giant Radioactive Man unless you’re going to be winning the game; otherwise you’re just allowing your opponent to search out his curve. 

4 Green Goblin, Insanity Unleashed
1 Blizzard, Frosty Friend
4 Beetle ◊ Mach, Discharged
3 Bullseye, Lester
1 Swordsman, Andreas von Strucker
1 Spider-Man, New New Avenger
4 Radioactive Man, Containment Suit
4 Iron Man, Mighty Avenger
1 Spider-Man, Secret Avenger
1 Wonder Man, Mighty Avenger
1 Wolverine, Secret Avenger
1 Ares, Mighty Avenger
1 Captain America, Living Legend
1 Hercules, Secret Avenger

4 Mobilize
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Avengers Reassembled
4 Heroic Effort
3 Blinding Rage
3 Pathetic Attempt
1 Omnipotence
4 Speedball Is Dead
1 Death of the Dream

4 Extremis Upgrade

Ice Cold Frosty

This is a cool deck that uses Poison Ivy to put multiple Blizzards into play to lock down your opponent.  Meanwhile, you’re free to burn them with Rogue and Professor X.  When turn eight rolls around you have Jean Grey to clear the way for Imperiex; and the rest, they say, is history!

4 Blizzard, Frosty Friend
3 Black Cat, Thrillseeker
1 Chemo, Toxic Waste
2 Dr. Polaris, Polar Opposite
2 Black Widow, Femme Fatale
2 Dr. Strange, Secret Avenger
1 Bullseye, Lester
3 Dr. Sivana, Mad Scientist
4 Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
2 Deadshot, Floyd Lawton
1 Jean Grey, Teen Telepath
1 Imperiex
1 Jean Grey, Phoenix Force
1 Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem
1 Professor X, World’s Most Powerful Telepath
1 Rogue, Power Absorption

2 Straight to the Grave
2 Collect Them All!
4 The Wrong Stuff
4 Neighborhood Watch
2 Omnipotence
4 Forced Conscription
3 Wild Ride
1 Messiah Complex

1 Thunderbolts Mountain
4 Birthing Chamber
1 Remote Facility

1 Med Kit
1 Ultimate Nullifier, One-Way Trip

Secret Avengers

Avengers are back… and in pog form!  Couldn’t resist the Simpsons quote, but Avengers really are back.  The reservist curve that so popularly took Sentinels off the grid are here again.  They all have the version “Secret Avengers,” and their reservist mechanic isn’t the only thing that makes them powerful because this lot also has a ton of rally effects.  This means your hand is going to be getting full really quickly, making it almost impossible not to hit your curve.  On an interesting note, the deck once again finishes the day off with Hercules!

4 Iron Fist, Secret Avenger
3 Dagger, Secret Avenger
4 Captain America, The Patriot ○ Secret Avenger
4 Hawkeye ◊ Ronin, Secret Avenger
2 Echo ◊ Ronin, Secret Avenger
4 Punisher, Secret Avenger
2 Jessica Drew ◊ Spider-Woman, Secret Avenger
1 Cable, Secret Avenger
4 Human Torch, Secret Avenger
2 Storm, Secret Avenger
3 Spider-Man, Secret Avenger
2 Wolverine, Secret Avenger
3 Luke Cage, Secret Avenger
1 Hercules, Secret Avenger

4 Savage Beatdown
4 Avengers Reassembled
3 Above the Law
3 The Big Three
3 Finishing Move

Let me know if I should add anything else to the gauntlet.  There are many decks that slipped under my radar at Worlds (and probably some good ones that weren’t represented there), so any help is greatly appreciated!  See you guys next Wednesday!


6 Responses

  1. How bout, imo, adding Rats Off To Ya. imo that is one powerhouse deck. 😉


  2. I think this article needs more mention of me. all of your “fans” will be much more interested in that. imo.

    won’t someone please think of the children!

  3. Paul – Quicksilver, Inhuman by marriage did think of the children, just look at the art on his card!

    Dave – Rats Off to Ya is already included in the guantlet. You just have to scroll down to the Random Punks format. Like I’d forget Rat’s Off to Ya!

  4. I was making a joke saying that roty should be with the top tier decks/main decks currently, like adding it in with the one’s you just talked about. Sarcasm is hard to convey in text, but i tried with a winking smiley. I knew it was already in the random punks section.

  5. love the S.H.I.E.L.D. deck it remains me of Anti-green Lantern in a way.

  6. Absolutely! With the Helicarrier SHIELD has the beats that AGL had. It also has a ton of burn cards which is reminiscant of Chomin and Fiero from AGL! Come to think of it, it even has recursion in the form of Squirrel Girl and Nick Fury similar to the function that Faust, Shadow Thief, and Tattooed Man served in AGL. Good observation!

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