Gen Con 2008 – Super Crossover Sealed

Alright, I’m back from everyone’s favorite vacation destination… Indy!  I once again traveled with the Madden brothers (Paul and Eric) that I’ve mentioned in the past, but this time my roommate Martie was along for the ride as well.  Another carload of comrades from the St. Cloud area also came so I always had someone to hang with during any given time.

Vs. had a decent showing, though it was well hid by Upperdeck in the far corner of the room under a lone banner.  It was a Mega-Weekend so they had a Silver and Modern Age tournament along with various side events.  Since we arrived late Wednesday night with little time to prepare for the Silver Age event, we decided to skip it.  This was a bummer to me because I had some Spider-Friends shenanigans I wanted to test out in the Silver Age environment.  Modern Age never excites me as much because of its limited card pool.

Anywho… on Friday they had a Super Crossover Sealed event which the four of us thought sounded incredibly fun.  Since we hadn’t done anything Vs.-related Thursday we decided to give it a go.  Below are the packs I cracked:

Blob, Fred Dukes
Robot Enforcer, Army
Wild Sentinel, Army
Doom Guards, Army
Psylocke, Betsy Braddock
Black Tom, Thomas Cassidy
Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner
Bishop, Lucas Bishop
Dragon Man, Experimental Monster
Medical Attention
Marvel Team-Up
Surprise Attack
The Power Cosmic
Base of Operations

Azrael, Jean Paul Valley
Mr. Freeze, Dr. Victor Fries
Spoiler, Stephanie Brown
Thuggee, Army
Ratcatcher, Otis Flannegan
Professor Hugo Strange, Psycho-Analyst
Terra, Tara Markov
Ra’s Al Ghul, Master Swordsman
Dick Grayson Nightwing, Titan Leader
Charaxes, Drury Walker
Dinah Laurel Lance Black Canary, Canary Cry
Teen Titans Go!
Mountain Stronghold
Lazarus Pit

Stryfe, X-Cutioner
Valeria Richards, Child of Light and Darkness
Multiple Man, Army
Ant-Man, King of the Hill
Black Tom, Callous Opportunist
Psylocke, Second Skin
Unus, Angelo Unuscione
Storm, Elemental Goddess
Crystal, Inhuman Elemental
Devastating Blow
Commanding Nature
Dealing with the Devil, Team-Up
Dark Alley

Big Barda, Furious Fatale
Catwoman, Cat O’ Nine Tails
Deathstroke the Terminator, Killing Machine
Argent, Toni Monetti
Mark Desmond Blockbuster, Mindless Brute
Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond
Gorilla Grodd, Grodd Awful
Owlman, Earth 3
Follow the Leader
Teen Titans Go!
Reform the League
Break You
Mightiest Heroes
Coast City

Cloak, Secret Avenger
Talisman, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
Eric O’Grady Ant Man, Fugitive At Large
Hiroim, The Shamed
Drax the Destroyer, Titan Slayer
Speedball Penance, Painmonger
Red Skull, Johann Schmidt
Lady Deathstrike, Opportunistic Killer
Secret Government
Losing the Argument
Liberating Number 42
Righteous Anger
Atlantis Attacks!.

I’m no expert, but here’s what I slapped together…

Draft Deck:
Speedball <> Penance, Painmonger
Argent, Toni Monette
Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner
Bishop, Lucas Bishop
Unus, Angelo Unuscione
Owlman, Earth 3
Crystal, Inhuman Elemental
Charaxes Drury Walker
Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, Canary Cry
Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond
Gorilla Grodd, Grodd Awful
Lady Deathstrike, Opportunistic Killer
Dick Grayson <> Nightwing, Titan Leader
Red Skull, Johann Shmidt
Dragon Man, Experimental Monster
Storm, Elemental Goddess
Ra’s Al Ghul, Master Swordsman
Mark Desmond <> Blockbuster, Mindless Brute
Teen Titans Go!
Teen Titans Go!
Dealing with the Devil, Team-Up
Break You
Commanding Nature
Atlantis Attacks!
Devastating Blow
Reform the League
Mightiest Heroes
Mountain Stronghold
Base of Operations
Coast City

Some card choices explained…

Many of the lower drops have activated abilities that could be used in conjunction with Teen Titans Go.  Dick Grayson and Mark Desmond also work great with Teen Titans Go, the latter getting two stuns in on turn seven without fear of stunning back.

Red Skull is one of the best defensive five drops in the game, and Dragon man is fantastic in this format because he’s always up against a Fantastic Four character!

Ra’s replacement effect is a great way to get more pumps late game and I also luck-sacked my way into a Mountain Stronghold so I practically had to run him.  More than once I left him wide open for a big attack, only to flip the location to give him reinforcement!

I hope you did a double take when you saw that I ran Dealing with the Devil in an event that requires no teaming up, but I had good reason.  Since you can pitch Dealing with the Devil to draw a card, it essentially let me run a 29 card deck.  A 29 card deck with two character search cards is incredibly consistent and I highly recommend it!

Atlantis attacks combos incredibly nicely with Mightiest Heroes or Base of Operations.  Speaking of Base of Operations, it’s an incredibly useful card in the sealed environment.  It’s the equivalent of drawing three cards and pitching one during the draw phase.  It was another reason my deck was very consistent.  As a side note, this card was an MVP in my crappy deck for the Marvel Trading Card Game on the DS!

The rest of the deck is attack pumps, one of which (Reform the League) filled my KO’d pile up for Mark Desmond.  Incidentally, Desmond only didn’t have ten cards in the KO’d pile once all tournament, so I’m pretty happy I ran him.  Though to be serious, my only other choice was Stryfe *shudder*.

Normally when I take game notes during a match it’s in the constructed environment.  That’s pretty easy to do because when you play agains a Family of Four deck you know that Mr. Fantastic is the four drop, Sue is the three drop, etc.  This makes it very easy to recall matches.  Super Sealed is quite a bit different.  My opponent could be running any random cards from five different sets.  Therefore, I took very brief outlines of the games so that I wouldn’t go insane from all the note taking!  Here’s kind of how the day went…

Round 1 Vs. Mathew Harris

I took the fewest notes for my first couple of rounds because I didn’t even think about writing about them until round three!  I know that I curved to seven, but Matt missed his seven drop.  Other than that it was a pretty uneventful game that pretty much came down to who drew more generic pumps.  I had the edge because I had won the die roll and got odds.  The final score was 3 to -10. (1-0)

Round 2 Vs. Eric Madden

Those of you who have read past tourney reports of mine have heard about the “Madden curse”.  It’s not the John Madden one that dooms featured football players for the rest of their careers.  Rather, it’s just that I get stuck playing one of the Maddens at every tournament I’ve ever played in that they’ve been present at (which is quite a few).  To make it worse, I usually lose to them, and this time was no exception.  Eric had a pretty rockin’ sealed deck, but I thought I had him beat.  I got odds again, and on seven I brought him down to -5 while I was still at 10.  Somehow, though, I he had enough pumps to get me down to -5 as well and the game went to turn eight.  He had another high drop to recruit but only had Argent, so I scooped.  Eric later went on to win the tournament without a single loss, so I don’t really feel too bad about losing to his stellar deck. (1-1)

Round 3 Vs. Alex Lloyd

Alex Lloyd is better known as Orange Soda Man (OSM) on Vs. Realms.  He’s a pretty cool cat who joined our team for random board games between matches.  I got odds this match and things were going back and forth for both of us until turn six when Alex had to underdrop Shiva, Sandra Woosan.  She’s a good underdrop when you have odds, but she was a textless 9/9 at this point in the match.  He did get in some good damage on turn six because he used No Man’s Land to exhaust my six drop and just focused on my lower drops.  When turn seven came I had Mark Desmond, Teen Titans Go, and ten cards in the KO’d pile.  This meant that I could throw my five and seven drop into his seven drop and ready my seven drop.  I then threw that same seven drop into his Shiva (whose text was now online, but to little effect).  The rest of my board attacked to the face for the win. (2-1)

Round 4 Vs. Reid Cox

This game we both missed drops but I think Reid’s was a little more crucial than mine.  I got odds and we both curved to five and I missed on six.  I had Dragon Man to fill in the void, which is pretty decent, especially when your five drop was the incredibly defensive Red Skull (the endurance loss that Red Skull shelled out was more than Dragon Man’s low defense hurt me).  Reid missed on seven and I recruited Blockbuster again.  I only had nine cards in my KO’d when Reid asked for a count, but when Mark Desmond attacked I was able to flip up a Reform the League for that last card.  With Dragon man able to take down his six drop with no pumps and Blockbuster able to attack his now-alone five drop, the game was essentially over and Reid scooped. (3-1)

Round 5 Vs. John Hall

I actually didn’t get odds this time… 😦  John and I both had Base of Operations going from turn two on, but even with its help John never played a plot twist all game!  He never did miss a drop at least so I guess that’s something.  I, on the other hand, missed my three drop, but had Argent on turn two.  She was a 4/4 on turn three so I never felt like I missed a three drop.  Our drops traded blows back and forth, but in the end, John’s lack of plots killed him because I had drawn into quite a few! (4-1)

Round 6 Vs. Jared Steglich

Jared had three one drops on the field after turn two so I thought I was going up against a rush deck, but he later explained he’d drawn all three of the one drops in his deck!  From turn three on we both curved out, but he had Psylocke, Second Skin on five against my Dragon Man; and John Henry Irons, Working Man against my Ra’s Al Ghul.  This may not seem that bad for Jared, but Argent could put a counter on Dragon Man, my hidden Owlman made Dragon Man an extra +1/+1, and Reform the League was face up.  This meant that Dragon Man could be a 12/12 at a moment’s notice.  Similarly, Ra’s could quickly be a 15/15.  It’s also worth noting that Argent was protected by Ra’s with a Coast City in my row, so no attack was safe for John Henry, and Psylocke couldn’t even attack unless she teamed with John!  This stonewall allowed me to go into turn seven with a very healthy board. (5-1)

There you have it!  I got second place behind the undefeated Eric.  We walked away with a complete foil set, a complete non-foil set, and a box of Marvel Universe.  Like I warned, it was hard to remember a lot of details, but I tried to jot down key moments of each match for your scrutiny!  Hope you enjoyed the read.  Please submit any changes you would have made to the draft deck.


6 Responses

  1. That foil set just sold for 265 on ebay.

  2. Nice job on 2nd place! Unfortunately the madden curse struck again. imo.

  3. I have it from a good source that the Maddens use mad cheatz, imo. Plus who gets multiple seven drops? All I had was my one crappy seven drop I had to run, and I had multiple games get to turn 9 (not knowing you are running a stall deck ftl). Too bad I didn’t run my 9 drop that was complete poop. It was all fun though, like when I came back from being down 11 to 43 after turn 6 with his initiative on turn 7. And I can’t forget to mention the epic reverse battles that were had in Straw. Fun times indeed. I can’t wait to play this again next year, although judging from how UDE treats VS, we’ll probably have to bring our own packs for sealed and they’ll still charge us $20 to play.

    And lastly, Senor Burns.

  4. What are you babbling about… Agamemno rocks!

  5. thanks for the nod! It was great playing against/meeting you guys!

  6. No problem Alex! It’s always a pleasure meeting the Realms personalities!

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