Gen Con 2008 – Super Crossover Sealed

Alright, I’m back from everyone’s favorite vacation destination… Indy!  I once again traveled with the Madden brothers (Paul and Eric) that I’ve mentioned in the past, but this time my roommate Martie was along for the ride as well.  Another carload of comrades from the St. Cloud area also came so I always had someone to hang with during any given time.

Vs. had a decent showing, though it was well hid by Upperdeck in the far corner of the room under a lone banner.  It was a Mega-Weekend so they had a Silver and Modern Age tournament along with various side events.  Since we arrived late Wednesday night with little time to prepare for the Silver Age event, we decided to skip it.  This was a bummer to me because I had some Spider-Friends shenanigans I wanted to test out in the Silver Age environment.  Modern Age never excites me as much because of its limited card pool. Continue reading


That’s Mr. Thompson To You!

I must apologize for a lack of a post this week, or at least an article.  I got a new math teaching job and I’ve been spending the week setting up my room.  Not only do I need to be ready for my first couple weeks of teaching, but my room has to look spic and span for Open House this next Wednesday!  Like usual, even though I don’t have an article ready, I did still work on my site some.  I updated my Haves/Wants pages from changes made at Gen Con.

Speaking of Gen Con, I picked up cases of the Batman and X-Men starters for five bucks each.  That’s 40 little twenty six card decks that I can use to teach my classes that wonderfully “math-related” game we all love so much!  I also picked up a simple math game that’s pretty similar to Uno for my lower math class called “Straw”.  We played Straw between all our tournament matches because there were always games going twenty minutes past time.  We even got Orange Soda Man from Vs. Realms in on the fun!

Join me next time when I unveil my Super Crossover Sealed report.  It’ll be on your screens Wednesday 8/27 when I should be caught up with everything else going on in my life.  Look forward to talking to you next week!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essential Collection – Pt. 1

Alright, whilst working my summer job and prepping (albeit very little) for Gen Con, I got a few of the cards done in my Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) Essential Collection.  I figured I leak some now, do my Gen Con report next Wednesday, then hopefully get back to finishing this thing unless some genius discussion topic strikes me. But that has never happened before, so I wouldn’t hold your breath…  Except you Eric and Jose, you two can hold your breath.  Anywho, here’s some cards…

Continue reading

The Chosen One

The Ring may have chosen Hal Jordan of Vs. Corps banner fame; but he certainly isn’t the only chosen one out there.  That’s right, I’m talking about Buffy Summers of Sunnydale California, er… formerly of Sunnydale California.  It kind of imploded in the last season of the TV show.  Luckily for me though, the story lived on in one of my favorite mediums: Graphic Novels!  In my book, that’s all you need to get the Vs. TCG treatment.  After all, how cool was the Hellboy expansion.  A small set like that would be perfect for Buffy and Co.  In fact, I once made a thread about it on Vs. Realms.  I think it was the only thing I’ve ever been “repped” for.  Here’s the link: Continue reading

The Gunsmith, Death Times Five

Rarity always seemed to matter to me in Vs.  Most rare attack modifiers like Savage Beatdown, Big Leagues, Steely Resolve, Armageddon, Blinding Rage, etc. outshine their more common counterparts like Combat Reflexes and Acrobatic Dodge.  There is, however, an occasional common or uncommon that is so good you wonder how in the heck it got past the rare-detector.  Teen Titans Go! is the first card that comes to mind.  Though, when you really think about it, only one out of all twelve banned cards is actually a rare, so maybe I need to rethink my hypothesis about the value of rarity.

Back when the Justice League set came out I thought I had found another common card on par with the power of Teen Titans Go!  The first time I read this card I was taken aback.  I thought, “Like ‘Bill’ in the Pokemon TCG that nets you free cards with no drawback, you’d be an idiot not to run as many of these as allowed in your deck!” Continue reading


As I write this I’m sipping a fruity drink from the comfort of a Hammock.  My Hammock is actually a bed, and is not at all in Hawaii as hinted at, though I’m going to pretend because I’m weird like that!  As I mentioned last week, my summer work hours have fried my brain and I needed a week off from thinking.  That being said, I went to see some movies.  Last Friday I saw The Dark Knight;  Tuesday I saw HellboyII; and tonight I’ll be watching Step Brothers, which looks hilarious! Continue reading


After all the craziness of Worlds and the DCU set being unveiled, I thought I’d slow down and do what I used to do with this blog… take one card, and examine a bevy of possible uses for it, obvious and otherwise.  The card I want to look at today is called Phyla-Vell <> Quasar, Protector of the Universe.  As far as the sealed environment goes Phyla is dyno-mite!  She grants your entire team the ability to team attack and reinforce as though they had all team affiliations.  This ability means that you don’t have to run as many team-ups in the sealed environement, or at least you don’t have to stress about hitting them as consistantly.  However, it’s another one of her abilities that I want to focus on today.  I’m far more interested in her ability to auto-recover whenever she becomes stunned.  “Whenever” might be a poor word choice on my part because this ability is a cosmic one.  After the first time that she stuns and recovers she loses her ability to do it again.  My goal today is to look at ways to eliminate that drawback.  Before we can do that though, we’ve got to think of reasons we would want Phyla to stick around… Continue reading