Infinity Gauntlet

Welcome to the Vs. Corps’ Infinity Gauntlet.  Below you’ll find a constantly updated list of decks that are viable for any legal format.  I’ve added this page as a tool to help people prepare for upcoming Vs. tournaments.  The tournament scene in Vs. is always evolving, and that’s where you come in; I need you to help me by submitting decks that should be included in this list.  I alone cannot find every competitive deck that is available, so I want you all to keep your ears to the ground and reply to this page with things you think I should include.  Once you’ve replied I’ll delete your post and add it to the list of decks below.  Thanks in advance for helping with this project!

Keep in mind that I do not take credit for the decks listed below.  They come from various sources including tournament reports, user submissions, forum discussions, etc.

Constructed formats that are currently recognized by UDE include:
*Notice’s Players Council has moved Marvel Evolutions to Golden Age, even though it is technically the newest printed set.

Modern Age

  • Marvel Universe w/Marvel Ultimates (MUL) and Marvel Equipment (MEQ)
  • DC Legends w/ DC Exclusives (DCX)
  • Marvel Legends w/ The Coming of Galactus (MCG), Age of Apocalypse (MAA), and Marvel Exclusives (MEX)
  • World’s Finest

Silver Age

  • Marvel Universe w/Marvel Ultimates (MUL) and Marvel Equipment (MEQ)
  • DC Legends w/ DC Exclusives (DCX)
  • Marvel Legends w/ The Coming of Galactus (MCG), Age of Apocalypse (MAA), and Marvel Exclusives (MEX)
  • World’s Finest
  • Marvel Team-Up w/Hellboy Essential Collection
  • Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Heralds of Galactus
  • Infinite Crisis

Golden Age

  • Marvel Universe w/Marvel Ultimates (MUL) and Marvel Equipment (MEQ)
  • DC Legends w/ DC Exclusives (DCX)
  • Marvel Legends w/ The Coming of Galactus (MCG), Age of Apocalypse (MAA), and Marvel Exclusives (MEX)
  • World’s Finest
  • Marvel Team-Up w/Hellboy Essentials Collection
  • Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Heralds of Galactus
  • Infinite Crisis
  • The X-Men w/ X-Men Starter
  • Justice League of America
  • The Avengers w/ Fantastic Four Starter
  • Green Lantern Corps w/ Batman Starter
  • Marvel Knights
  • Man of Steel
  • Web of Spider-Man w/ Spider-Man Vs. Doc Ock Starter
  • DC Origins w/ Batman Vs. Joker Starter
  • Marvel Origins w/ X-Men vs. Brotherhood Starter
  • Marvel Evolutions

Bring Your Own Set (BYOS)

Bring Your Own Set requires you to build a deck using cards only found in a single set.  For example, you cannot build a deck that has cards from both Man of Steel and Web of Spider-Man, though you should be allowed to because both of those sets are awful and even when combined can’t compete with any other set out there!

Random Punks

Random Punks uses all the cards that are legal in Golden Age except the rares.  Your deck must be all commons and uncommons.

Modern Age:

Sniper Shot

This is the deck that won World’s 2008.  It uses Ruin to toolbox important Ongoings like Sniper Shot or a Team-Up.    The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name is a huge piece to this deck’s puzzle as he allows you to have multiple Punishers on the table to exhaust to Sniper Shot.  The Captain also draws you cards and enables Legend cards for Captain America.  He really is the crux of this deck.  The deck’s only real weakness is a short hidden curve deck like MKKO that can kill it before it starts to load counters onto Sniper Shot.

4 Captain America, The Patriot, Secret Avenger
4 Punisher, Suicide Run
4 Professor Emil Hamilton, Ruin, Power Suit
4 The Captain, Can’t Remember His Real Name
1 Captain Atom, Quantum Energy
1 Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic
1 Air-Walker, Herald
1 Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1 Human Torch, Fiery Friend
1 Spider-Man, Outlaw
1 Punisher, Angel of Death
1 Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch

4 Carrying the Torch
4 Sniper Shot
3 Have a Blast!
4 Mobilize
4 Wild Ride
3 Pathetic Attempt
3 Superhuman Registration Act
3 Omnipotence
2 Neighborhood Watch
1 Stars and Stripes
1 My Name Is Peter Parker . . .

4 Captain America’s Shield

Fury-ous Agents

This is a simple, yet fun army deck that floods the floor with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents for a lotta burn.  The Helicarrier turns the Agents into characters that can actually attack, and the one-two punch of Nick Fury and Squirrel Girl make sure that your board is always full.  Evil Lair, Torture Chamber, and Speedball round out the burn package and make this deck as brutal on the off initiative as it is on-initiative.

16 S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, Army ○ Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
4 Speedball ◊ Penance, Painmonger
4 Squirrel Girl, Doreen Green
4 Jessica Drew ◊ Spider-Woman, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ○ HYDRA
4 Wolverine, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ○ HYDRA
3 Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
1 Barbara Gordon ◊ Oracle, Hacker Elite
3 Life Model Decoy, More Human than Human

4 Blinding Rage
4 Savage Beatdown

2 Evil Lair
3 Torture Chamber
4 Birthing Chamber
4 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Radioactive Man

This is a control deck that aims to get as many counters onto Radioactive Man as possible.  The more counters on him, the more your opponent’s plot twists cost.  He can really lock down opponent’s quickly when Iron Man, Mighty Avenger hits the table on turn four with an Extremis Upgrade.  Resist the urge to swing with your giant Radioactive Man unless you’re going to be winning the game; otherwise you’re just allowing your opponent to search out his curve. 

4 Green Goblin, Insanity Unleashed
1 Blizzard, Frosty Friend
4 Beetle ◊ Mach, Discharged
3 Bullseye, Lester
1 Swordsman, Andreas von Strucker
1 Spider-Man, New New Avenger
4 Radioactive Man, Containment Suit
4 Iron Man, Mighty Avenger
1 Spider-Man, Secret Avenger
1 Wonder Man, Mighty Avenger
1 Wolverine, Secret Avenger
1 Ares, Mighty Avenger
1 Captain America, Living Legend
1 Hercules, Secret Avenger

4 Mobilize
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Avengers Reassembled
4 Heroic Effort
3 Blinding Rage
3 Pathetic Attempt
1 Omnipotence
4 Speedball Is Dead
1 Death of the Dream

4 Extremis Upgrade

Ice Cold Frosty

This is a cool deck that uses Poison Ivy to put multiple Blizzards into play to lock down your opponent.  Meanwhile, you’re free to burn them with Rogue and Professor X.  When turn eight rolls around you have Jean Grey to clear the way for Imperiex; and the rest, they say, is history!

4 Blizzard, Frosty Friend
3 Black Cat, Thrillseeker
1 Chemo, Toxic Waste
2 Dr. Polaris, Polar Opposite
2 Black Widow, Femme Fatale
2 Dr. Strange, Secret Avenger
1 Bullseye, Lester
3 Dr. Sivana, Mad Scientist
4 Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
2 Deadshot, Floyd Lawton
1 Jean Grey, Teen Telepath
1 Imperiex
1 Jean Grey, Phoenix Force
1 Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem
1 Professor X, World’s Most Powerful Telepath
1 Rogue, Power Absorption

2 Straight to the Grave
2 Collect Them All!
4 The Wrong Stuff
4 Neighborhood Watch
2 Omnipotence
4 Forced Conscription
3 Wild Ride
1 Messiah Complex

1 Thunderbolts Mountain
4 Birthing Chamber
1 Remote Facility

1 Med Kit
1 Ultimate Nullifier, One-Way Trip

Secret Avengers

Avengers are back… and in pog form!  Couldn’t resist the Simpsons quote, but Avengers really are back.  The reservist curve that so popularly took Sentinels off the grid are here again.  They all have the version “Secret Avengers,” and their reservist mechanic isn’t the only thing that makes them powerful because this lot also has a ton of rally effects.  This means your hand is going to be getting full really quickly, making it almost impossible not to hit your curve.  On an interesting note, the deck once again finishes the day off with Hercules!

4 Iron Fist, Secret Avenger
3 Dagger, Secret Avenger
4 Captain America, The Patriot ○ Secret Avenger
4 Hawkeye ◊ Ronin, Secret Avenger
2 Echo ◊ Ronin, Secret Avenger
4 Punisher, Secret Avenger
2 Jessica Drew ◊ Spider-Woman, Secret Avenger
1 Cable, Secret Avenger
4 Human Torch, Secret Avenger
2 Storm, Secret Avenger
3 Spider-Man, Secret Avenger
2 Wolverine, Secret Avenger
3 Luke Cage, Secret Avenger
1 Hercules, Secret Avenger

4 Savage Beatdown
4 Avengers Reassembled
3 Above the Law
3 The Big Three
3 Finishing Move

Hidden Injustice Gang

This deck hits hard and fast, hoping to end the game on turn five or earlier.  It has many bonuses on your opponent’s initiative, turning what is usually considered you opponent’s advantage into a severe disadvantage.  This deck has a few weaknesses though.  First, it suffers to hidden area hate cards like Skreeeeeee! or Wolverine, Covert Predator.  Second, it loses if it draws poorly.  It’s a very hit-or-miss type deck.  Finally, this deck falls to the mirror match if you get the wrong initiative, and considering the popularity of simple beatdown decks like this one, mirror matches won’t be infrequent!

4 Catwoman, Cat o’ Nine Tails
4 Penguin, Gentleman of Crime
4 Superwoman, Earth 3
3 Johnny Quick, Earth 3
4 Owlman, Earth 3
2 Black Manta, Deepwater Denizen
4 Jemm, Son of Saturn
1 Ultraman, Earth 3
4 White Martian, Earth 3
2 Prometheus, New Year’s Evil

4 Savage Beatdown
4 Combat Reflexes
4 Crime Syndicate of Amerika
4 Blinding Rage
4 Secret Files
4 Mobilize

Revenge Squad

This deck could be likened to TNB.  Battle For Metropolis might not give as much of a bonus as The New Brotherhood, but the deck has more consistency thanks to Professor Emil Hamilton.  This deck can even go the alternate route of putting multiple Standoffs in the row to make every plot twist your opponent plays hurt them severely.  Revenge Squad is actually playable people!

4 Winslow Schott ◊ Toyman, Child’s Play
4 Terra-Man, Toby Manning
4 Brainiac 13, Mental Giant
4 Professor Emil Hamilton ◊ Ruin
2 Ultraman, Despot of Kandor
4 Metallo, Kryptonite Heart
1 Atomic Skull, Cursed
4 Preus, Citizen’s Patrol
2 Doomsday, Evolution Advanced
1 Lex Luthor, The Everyman

4 Savage Beatdown
3 Combat Reflexes
4 Mobilize
3 Never-Ending Battle
4 Executive Privilege
4 Battle for Metropolis
3 Standoff
1 Knowledge is Power

Family of Four

Sometimes known as rare.dec for the outrageous price it will cost you to assemble this deck.  Fantastic Four has a ton of power cards that will not allow your opponent to do much of anything.  Thankfully, this deck loses Against All Odds in the shift to Modern Age.  You’ll still see variations like this one floating around though, so be prepared by having a way to attack Sue Storm in the hidden area (preferably something that can’t be stopped by Pathetic Attempt).

4 Luke Cage, Steel-Hard Skin
4 Human Torch, Matchstick
4 Invisible Woman, First Lady of the Fantastic Four
4 Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker
4 Thing, Heavy Hitter
3 Human Torch, Flame On!
1 Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd
1 Invisible Woman, Shield of the Four
1 Thing, The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing

4 Signal Flare
4 Family of Four
4 Mobilize
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Only Human
4 It’s Clobberin’ Time!
4 Force Field Projection
4 Pathetic Attempt
2 Reset

World’s Finest

This deck was the winner of the Chicago Mega-Weekend (I think!), and for the first time in Vs. history Batman and Superman have their moment in the spotlight.  Read the cards to see why these two teams MUST go together!  This particular build specializes in shunting your opponent’s attacks through large stats, defensive pumps, attack negation, and plot twist negation.  What else do you need?

2 Maggie Sawyer, Gotham Central
4 Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
1 Tim Drake ◊ Robin, Titan in Command
4 Krypto. Guard Dog
1 Batman, Problem Solver
4 Barbara Gordon ◊ Oracle, Hacker Elite
1 Huntress, Harsh Mistress
4 Power Girl ◊ Nightwing, Kandorian Vigilante
1 Cassandra Cain, Death’s Daughter
1 Superman, Metropolis Marvel
3 Superman, Man of Tomorrow
3 Batman, Cape and Cowl
2 Superman, Deterrent Force
1 Kara Zor-el ◊ Supergirl, Claire Connors

3 Bat-Signal
4 Bat Got Your Tongue?
2 At Their Finest
3 Impervious
4 Early Edition
4 The Hook-Up
3 For the Man Who Has Everything
1 Indestructible

X-Men Assemble!

Like Batman, Superman, and Revenge Squad, X-Men used to be a fan-favorite team that was not really that good.  Now, like the three aforementioned teams, X-Men rock.  More specifically, Wolverine rocks!  This deck uses X-Men Assemble! to fill Wolverine up with characters by constantly recovering him.  He then uses Beserker Rage to attack many times with an outrageously high attack!

4 Domino, Neena Thurman
4 Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
2 Havok, Age of Apocalypse
3 Jean Grey, Age of Apocalypse
3 Wolverine, Logan
3 Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse
1 Emma Frost, Ice Queen
2 Wolverine, Bub
2 Blink, Age of Apocalypse
1 Cable, Askani’Son
1 Rogue, Age of Apocalypse
1 Professor X, World’s Most Powerful Telepath
1 Wolverine, Bloodlust

4 X-Men Assemble
3 Turnabout
4 Children of the Atom
4 Berserker Rage
4 Mobilize
4 Healing Factor
4 Adamantium Claws
4 Pathetic Attempt

3 Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning

Doom/Injustice Gang

This deck combines Doom’s ability to lock down your opponent with Injustice Gang’s ability to punish your opponent for being locked-down!  It’s a match made in Heaven!  Normally having cards in your hand is a good thing, but not against these guys.

4 Boris, Personal Servant of Dr. Doom
3 Penguin, Gentleman of Crime
4 Barracuda, Earth 3
4 Captain Boomerang, George Harkness
4 Lex Luthor, Megalomaniac
4 Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius
3 Spider-Man, The Sensational Spider-Man
2 Circe, Evil Enchantress
1 Scarecrow, Chiroptiphobic
1 Mimic, Exile

4 Secret Files
3 Mystical Paralysis
1 Power Siphon
4 All Too Easy
4 Gang-Up
3 Mobilize
1 Gift Wrap
4 Criminal Masterminind

3 Muir Island
2 Injustice Gang Satellite

Marvel Knights Concealed

Like the hidden Injustice Gang deck, this deck maintains a full board late into the game so that your opponent is taking the maximum amount of damage every turn.  This deck has the same weaknesses as the Injustice Gang variety, but I feel this deck has a good matchup against Hidden Injustice Gang because it has more ways to attack the hidden area, and cards like Quick Kill; Black Widow, Femme fatale; and Punisher, Suicide Run to wreck their board.

4 Black Widow, Femme Fatale
4 Black Panther, Silent Stalker
4 Daredevil, Fearless Survivor
3 Punisher, Suicide Run
4 Blade, Independent Contractor
3 Ghost Rider, The Devil’s Rider
4 Wolverine, Covert Predator
1 Captain America, Loyal Patriot
1 Punisher, Captain America
1 Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance
1 Hulk, Savage Hulk

4 Wild Ride
4 Mobilize
4 Quick Kill
4 Finishing Move
4 Crackshot
4 Blinding Rage
4 Savage Beatdown

2 Stryker’s Island

Goth Chicks!

I slapped this concoction together after the hidden Injustice Gang deck and the Marvel Knights deck because I thought this team has just as much potential to smash face as both of those other “hack” decks.  Actually, those other hidden decks shouldn’t be called the “hack” decks because this is the one with Barbara Gordon in it!  Anywho… This deck has built-in attack pumps for most of its characters.  it also has a lot of draw potential with Barbara Gordon and The Hook-Up.  This may be the deck I run at Worlds 2008.

4 Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake
4 Gypsy, Illusionary Operative
2 Huntress, Vicious Vigilante
4 Barbara Gordan <> Oracle, Hacker Elite
2 Catwoman, Feline Fatale
4 Batman, Twilight Vigilante
1 Vixen, Mari Jiwe McCabe
2 Kate Kane <> Batwoman, Katherine the Younger
1 Savant, Brian Durlin
2 Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, Cry in the Dark

4 Bat-Signal
4 Mobilize
4 The Hook-Up
4 Blinding Rage
4 Combat Reflexes
4 Birds of a Feather
4 Skreeeeeee!
4 Crushing Blow

2 Gotham Central

Some other Modern Age decks that I have heard of, but do not have decklists for are:

  • Arkham/Revenge Squad Insanity
  • Team Superman (Mono)
  • Doom (Mono)
  • Outsiders (Mono or with Titans)
  • Teen Titans (Mono or with Doom Patrol)
  • Secret Society (Abusing Poison Ivy and The Riddler)
  • JLA

Silver Age:


This deck uses Samantha Parrington to allow Elektra to attack a player directly twice.  It also makes sure to load Elektra up with for-the-turn attack pumps so that both of her attacks severely damage your opponent’s life total.  It’s biggest weakness is that it doesn’t stun any of you opponent’s characters, leaving them to attack back at full force.

4 Frank Drake, Nightstalker
4 Wong, Mystical Manservant
4 Daredevil, Fearless Survivor
4 Tania Belinskya <> Red Guardian
4 Hellcat, Patsy Walker
2 Cloak, Shadowmaster
4 Elektra, Masterless Assassin
4 Samantha Parrington <> Valkyrie, Chooser of the Slain
1 Devil-Slayer, Eric Simon Payne
1 Wendell Vaughn <> Quasar, Protector of the Universe

4 Flying Kick
4 Combat Reflexes
4 Crackshot
4 Savage Beatdown
4 The “B” Team
4 Wild Ride
4 Pathetic Attempt

Skin (Skrulls/Inhmans)

Skin is an appropriate name for a deck that focuses on a race that can shapeshift!  This deck puts all of its characters into the hidden area with Franklin Richards, then attacks without fear of stunning back (thanks to Captain America).  Putting Ronan the Accuser in your hidden area makes it so that your opponent has very limited options!  This is a very fun deck to play!

4 Lockjaw
4 Frankin Richards, Creator of Counter-Earth
4 Warskrull
4 Captain America, Skrull Impostor
3 Wolverine, Skrunucklehead
1 Crystal, Elementelle
2 Ethan Edwards
2 Ronan the Accuser, Starforce
2 Paibok
1 Quicksilver, Terrigenesis Rebirth

4 Enemy of My Enemy
4 Pathetic Attempt
4 Act of Defiance
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Flying Kick
3 Extended Family
3 Mutopia
2 Interstellar Offensive

4 The Great Refuge
1 Tarnax IV

Secret Society

This deck uses Poison Ivy to put multiple copies of The Riddler into play.  The Riddler then shuts down your opponents plot twists.  Cards like Giganta and Doomsday don’t really have drawbacks when you have hidden one drops to KO to their effects.  Bizzaro doesn’t really have a drawback either because you play most of your cards from your KO’d pile anyway!

1 Charaxes, Moth Monster
4 Deadshot, Floyd Lawton
4 Poison Ivy, Intoxicating
3 Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace
1 Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
1 Giganta
1 Deathstroke the Terminator, Lethal Weapon
1 Bizarro, Bizarro World’s Finest
1 Doomsday, Engine of Destruction
1 The Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero
4 The Riddler, Riddle Me This
3 Chemo
2 Jaime Reyes
2 Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster

2 Level 12 Intelligence
4 Straight to the Grave
4 Forced Conscription
4 Cannibal Tech
1 A Proud Zinco Product

4 Soul World
4 Dr. Fate’s Tower

2 Cloak of Nabu
2 Amulet of Nabu
4 Helm of Nabu


Moloids get big via Doomed Earth.  Doomed Earth doesn’t really have a drawback because cards like Mole Man, Dr. Doom, and Mr. Fantastic can all bring KO’d Moloids back into play.  This particular build doesn’t use Mr. Fantastic, but I personally do like him.  Once you have a couple of Doomed Earths face up, you can smash you opponent to pieces with your little one drops!

14 Moloids, Army
4 Mole Man, Moloid Master
4 Dr. Doom, Richard’s Rival
2 Divinty, Vampiric General
2 Ultron ◊ Ultron 11
1 Dr Doom, Sorcerous Savant

3 A Proud Zinco Product
4 Mobilize
4 Savage Beatdown
3 The Uni-Power
4 Doomed Earth
1 Mask of Doom
2 Big Leagues
4 Unthinkable

4 Birthing Chamber


This deck will see a lot of play until Infinite Crisis rotates out.  If possible, Punisher and friends have even greater synergy with Checkmate than the Villains United of Old.  The only real drawback is the loss of the Science Spire to protect your King.  Punisher’s ability is truly amazing, and you’d be hard pressed to win if you go into a tournament without a game plan to deal with this guy.

4 Connie Web, Knight
1 Jacob Lee, Knight
4 Black Thorn, Knight
4 Ahmed Samsarra, White King
1 Elimination Protocol ◊ OMAC Robot, Army
3 Punisher, Guns Blazing
1 Annihilation Protocol ◊ OMAC Robot, Army
1 Captain America, Loyal Patriot
1 Huntress, Reluctant Queen
1 Punisher, Angel of Death

4 Threat Neutralized
4 Defensive Formation
4 Enemy of My Enemy
4 Cannibal Tech
3 Knightmare Scenario

1 New Baxter Building
3 Dr. Fate’s Tower
1 The Alley
4 Brother I Satellite
2 Checkmate Safe House
1 Brother Eye
1 Sewer System

1 Amulet of Nabu
1 Cloak of Nabu
1 Helm of Nabu
4 Laser Watch


This is a classic deck that people either praise or groan about.  It’s got two weaknesses.  First, it has an open board until turn four.  This means that it takes a lot of early damage.  Second, it can lose as early as turn three by having its King KO’d.  Fortunately for the Kings, there are quite a few ways to protect them, like The Science Spire.  This deck uses Ahmed to “toolbox” whatever location it needs for the current matchup.

4 Dr. Pyscho, Mental Giant
3 Bizarro, Me Am Bizarro #1
1 Nyssa Raatko, Daughter of the Demon
4 Ahmed Samsarra, White King
1 Annihilation Protocol ◊ OMAC Robot, Army
2 Huntress, Reluctant Queen
2 Sarge Steel, Knight
1 Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster
1 Deathstroke the Terminator, Ultimate Assassin
2 Talia, Daughter of Madness
1 Terrax, Harbinger of Ruin
1 Maxwell Lord, Black King
1 Harvey Bullock, Bishop
1 Sasha Bordeaux, Autonomous Prototype

2 3…2…1…
3 Enemy of My Enemy
1 Baddest of the Bad
2 Target Acquired
4 Knightmare Scenario

1 Sewer System
1 The Alley
2 Dr. Fate’s Tower
1 Ego The Living Planet
1 The Science Spire
2 Brother Eye
4 Checkmate Safe House
4 Brother I Satellite
2 Soul World

1 Cloak of Nabu
1 Amulet of Nabu
1 Helm of Nabu


I’ve never seen this one in action, but I can see the synergies between the two teams.  The Heralds bring the Worldship, the Worldeater Appartus, and Elemental Converters to the mix.  They also have great location-related characters named Terrax.  A very cool deck.

4 Ahmed Samsarra, White King
4 Black Thorn, Knight
2 Human Torch, The Inivisible Man
1 Alan Scott, White King
1 Terrax, The Tamer
1 Terrax, Harbinger of Ruin
1 Huntress, Reluctant Queen
1 Sasha Bordeaux, Autonomous Prototype
1 Silver Surfer, Prodigal Herald
1 Galactus, Devourer of Worlds
2 Connie Webb, Knight
1 Annihilation Protocol ◊ OMAC Robot, Army
1 Rose Wilson, Daughter of Deathstroke
1 Maxwell Lord, Black King
1 Air-Walker, Harbinger of Despair

4 Threat Neutralized
4 Knightmare Scenario
4 Enemy of My Enemy
4 Target Acquired

3 Checkmate Safe House
1 Sewer System
4 Brother I Satellite
2 Dr. Fate’s Tower
2 Brother Eye
1 Soul World
1 Worldship
1 Elemental Converters
1 Rook Control
1 Worldeater Apparatus
1 The Alley

1 Cloak of Nabu
1 Helm of Nabu
1 Amulet of Nabu


Putting an Ego Gem on Speed Queen early game means you will be getting a ton of cards very quickly.  Add the draw power of Barbara Gordon, Firestorm, and Darkseid, and you’ve got a very full hand ahead of you!

4 Jamie Reyes ◊ Blue Beetle, High-Tech Hero
4 Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
4 Speed Queen, Female Fury
4 Barbara Gordon ◊ Oracle, Hacker Extraordinaire
1 Dark Firestorm, Mockery
4 Darkseid, Apokoliptian Oppressor
1 Sabretooth, Savage Killer
1 Red Shift, Rift Walker
1 Dark Superboy, Mockery
1 Darkseid, Evil Reborn
1 Dark Kryptonian, Mockery
2 Darkseid, Apokolips Now
1 Darkseid, Nemesis

4 All Hail Darkseid!
4 Lord of Apokolips
4 Enemy of my Enemy
3 Created from Hate
3 Have a Blast!
2 Omnipotence

3 Dr. Fate’s Tower
3 Ancient Throne

1 Helm of Nabu
1 Cloak of Nabu
1 Amulet of Nabu
1 Ego Gem
1 Reality Gem


This deck quickly became famous for only using twelve characters to destroy you.  It takes advantage of Quicksilver’s ability to double attack and couples the ability with for-the-turn pumps.  Inhumans have a lot of ways to raise defense so that Quicksilver does not stun back on his first attack.  Other variations of this deck use the Fartifacts to make Quicksilver a 7/7, but I don’t know where to find a solid build of that variant.

4 Lockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend
4 Quicksilver, Inhuman by Marriage
1 Tonaja, The Responsible One
1 Dewoz, Dark Reflection
1 Karnak, The Shatterer
1 Quicksilver, Terrigenesis Rebirth

4 Final Decree
4 Crackshot
4 Flying Kick
4 The Royal Guard
4 It’s Slobberin’ Time!
4 Mobilize
3 Cannibal Tech

4 Blue Area of the Moon
4 The Great Refuge
4 The Substructure
2 New Baxter Building
2 Soul World

4 Ego Gem
1 B.P.R.D. Signal Device

Live Skreeeeeee!… or Die!

Kree don’t really need much explanation.  They simply flood the field with their press mechanic.  Villains United have a lot of great effects that return characters to your hand, a drawback that is negated by the ease in which those characters can be put back into play.  A very synergistic relationship exists here, and makes this team-up more potent than a straight Kree build.

4 The Calculator, Noah Kuttler
4 Dr. Minerva, Starforce
3 Dr. Psycho, Mental Giant
3 Captain Att-Lass, Starforce
2 Lieutenant Kona Lor, Lunatic Legion
4 The Calculator, Evil Oracle
4 Zazzala <> Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive
1 Colonel Yon-Rogg, Commander of the Helion
1 Commander Dylon Cir, Lunatic Legion
1 Ultimus, Starforce
1 Admiral Galen Kor, Lunatic Legion
1 Bron Char, Lunatic Legion
1 Shatterax, Starforce4 High Society
4 Live Kree . . . or Die!
4 Skreeeeeee!
3 Baddest of the Bad
3 Coercion
3 No Mercy
3 The Lunatic Legion 

4 The Science Spire
3 Hala

Some other Silver Age decks that I have heard of, but do not have decklists for are:  


  • Spider-Friends/Galactus Stall
  • Shadowpact (Blackbriar Thorn Abuse)
  • Checkmate/JSA (Rock of Eternity Abuse)
  • Checkmate/insert random Vs. team affiliation!

Golden Age:

Coming Soon!

Bring Your Own Set:

 Coming Soon!

Random Punks:

Teenage Mutant Nabu-Bot

This deck aims to get Superman/Batman Robot online as soon as possible.  Since the robot is a zero cost character, you don’t have to exhaust anyone to Teen Supremes to ready it.  To maximize the abuse of this new-found ability to attack twice, this deck runs turn-based pumps like Flying Kick.  A very cool deck that can end the game on turn three or four.

2 Superman/Batman Robot
3 Jaime Reyes ◊ Blue Beetle, High-Tech Hero
4 White Lotus, Supermen of America
4 Maggie Sawyer, Gotham Central
2 Harvey Bullock, Gotham Central
4 Tania Belinskya ◊ Red Guardian, Cold Warrior
2 Krypto, Guard Dog of El
4 Barbara Gordon ◊ Oracle, Hacker Elite
4 Huntress, Vicious Vigilante

4 Dr. Fate’s Tower

4 The Hook-Up
4 Flying Kick
4 Crackshot
4 Teen Supremes
4 Bat-Signal

4 Helm of Nabu
1 Amulet of Nabu
1 Cloak of Nabu
1 Ego Gem

Madrox Rocket

This deck relies on flooding the field with Multiple Mans and then burning with Senator Kelly.  If you leave your Multiple Mans in the front row, Rocket Racer can provide everyone with reinforcement (as long as Coaty City is up and running!).  Press the attack is for getting multiple uses out of Senator Kelly, and Vicarious Living can search out any character in your deck!

24 Multiple Man ◊ Jaime Madrox
4 Senator Kelly
4 Rocket Racer
4 Speedball
4 Prowler

4 Press the Attack
4 Vicarious Living

4 ESU Science Lab
4 Birthing Chamber
4 Coast City

Rats Off to Ya!

The coolest Random Punks deck I’ve ever seen!  You’ll want to flood the floor with all these tasty one-drop evasion characters, recruit an Ego Gem on one, evade the character with the gem to return the gem to hand, then rerecruit it on another character (rinse and repeat).  Eventually you’ll cycle through most of your deck, slowly putting all of you characters into play by turn four.  Then you’ll burn the crap out of your opponent with cards like Last Laugh and Morlock Justice.  Very, very fun.

2 Ratcatcher
4 Manhunter Clone
4 Tommy
4 The Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero
4 Jaime Reyes ◊ Blue Beetle
2 Electric Eve
2 Artie
2 Copperhead
2 Rocket Racer
2 Toad, Hopalong
2 Speedball

4 Last Laugh
4 Morlock Justice
4 Plans Within Plans
4 Vicarious Living
3 Die for Darkseid!

4 New Baxter Building

4 Mind Gem
3 Quadromobile


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