Badonkadonk Butt AKA Rare.dec

As I proceeded to clean newly spilled chocolate milk off of my rare folders, I praised God for the inventor of clear protective sleeves.  I also though, “Why do I have so many rares that I don’t use?”  Most decks use a few rares, and some decks do use more than others, but Vs. has yet to make it to the state of Yu-Gi-Oh where its players shell out a fortune for the most competitive decks.  There are currently a ton of cheap competitive decks in every format of Vs.  Checkmate builds had very few essential rares and dominated the meta forever (whatever happened to them anyway?).

Anyway, screw cheap competitive decks.  I want to use my rares.  I want to find the most competitive deck that ONLY uses rares.  Maybe this has already been done, but I’ve not seen it yet so I figured I’d give it a shot.  For the sake of my valuable time,  I decided to limit myself to Silver Age. Continue reading



As I write this I’m sipping a fruity drink from the comfort of a Hammock.  My Hammock is actually a bed, and is not at all in Hawaii as hinted at, though I’m going to pretend because I’m weird like that!  As I mentioned last week, my summer work hours have fried my brain and I needed a week off from thinking.  That being said, I went to see some movies.  Last Friday I saw The Dark Knight;  Tuesday I saw HellboyII; and tonight I’ll be watching Step Brothers, which looks hilarious! Continue reading

Concealed MKKO Software version 7.0

Concealed MKKO (Marvel Knights Knock Out) made a big splash back in 2005 taking down $10K (remember those?) crowns everywhere. The success of the deck was due to its speed. It was too fast for Titans and Sentinels. Titans needed to make it to turn six to flood the board with weenies, and Sentinels needed to make it turn six to stonewall with Bastion. MKKO consistantly killed on turn five. Here’s the list of the deck that won a Golden Age $10K in Germany.

1 Micro-Chip, Linus Lieberman
4 Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
4 Iron Fist, Danny Rand
3 Hannibal King, Occult Investigator
3 Death-Stalker, Phillip Sterling
4 Elektra, Elektra Natchios
4 Luke Cage, Street Enforcer
3 Yelena Belova <> Black Widow, Enemy Agent
4 Daredevil, Matt Murdock
1 Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man

4 Crime and Punishment
4 Crushing Blow
4 Flying Kick
4 Quick Kill
4 Savage Beatdown
3 Swan Dive
4 Wild Ride

2 Punisher’s Armory Continue reading

Instant Harm Paragon

Valkyrie, Chooser of the SlainA paragon is a model, ideal, or standard; therefore an instant harm paragon is something that sets the standard for instant harm. It comes as no surprise then that when you rearrange the letters of Samantha Parrington, you get… instant harm paragon! Coincidence? Yes! Cool? Also yes!

When you first look at Samantha Parrington (once you get over the hotness of the card that is), it’s hard not to notice that her stats are unusual for a four drop. Her attack value is on par with a three drop while her defense value is on par with a five drop. Like Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker and Darkseid, Apokoliptian Oppressor, her stats are justified by an amazing ability. In fact, with the abilities of the three aforementioned four drops, you’d rather have high defense values to keep them on table as long as possible. Continue reading

Collateral Damage

For the uninformed, collateral damage is a U.S. Military collateral_damage1.jpgterm for unintended harm or damage during a military operation. It is also a 2002 action film which tells the story of a Los Angeles firefighter Gordy Brewer (played by Arnold Schwarz-enegger) who looks to avenge his son’s and wife’s deaths at the hands of a guerrilla commando, by traveling to Colombia and facing their killers.* For the sake of this blog I will be referring to the former definition.

There really is only one team in Vs. that truly embodies what collateral damage is all about. One team, that whenever attacked causes harm that you did not intend. I’m talking about the Villains United and their Vengeance mechanic. Continue reading