Location, Location, Location

A business lives or dies based on its location.  Growing up I had always wished that Manana, the closest town to where I live, had a McDonalds.  Given that the town is off the beaten path with only a population of around ten, my dreams never came to fruition.  I wasn’t bitter though because I understood economics, at least at a base level. Continue reading


Mega Weekend – Great Success! (Modern Age)

Alright, I’m back.  I fared about as well Sunday as I did Saturday, but I thought I’d give ya a write up regardless.  I decided to play the hidden Injustice Gang deck despite the fact that everyone knew it would showing up in force.  My reasoning was that it was extremely simple to pilot so the fact that I hadn’t played in a while would be irrelevant to my losses.  In the end, the deck didn’t prove to be a bad choice; just a particular card or two should have been different.  My car-mates Eric and Paul Madden played today as well.  Paul ran the Revenge Squad deck that top-eighted the last Modern Age tournament because it had a good matchup against the hidden Injustice Gang deck.  The only change in his deck was that he ran Natasha Irons as his alternate two drop instead of Brainiac because I didn’t have any yet (turns out two months is not enough time to get them from the points store!).  Eric ran a hidden Injustice Gang deck similar to mine, but he had Crushing Blows instead of Crime Syndicate of America; Call in a Favor instead of Mobilize; and two of his Skreeeeeee!’s were All Too Easy instead.  This wasn’t his choice, but rather my lack of enough of all those cards!  Here’s the deck I ran: Continue reading