Vs. System Archive

I’ve been busy lately.  I’m a content contributor and moderator over at vssystem.org.  But I’m also currently a member of the Vs. System Council.  Despite all this, I thought I’d come back to my old stomping ground and give this place some new purpose.  Vscorps will now be used as an archive of all things Vs.

Why?  UDE shut down Metagame.com; Vsrealms crashed on us; and many former contributors abandoned their blogs to rot (don’t look at me like that!).  I’m in the process of scrounging up all the old Vs. content I can find and putting it on here.  Starting with the stuff from Metagame.com.  Too many useful articles were lost when that site went down.  Articles that would be very helpful to those just getting into the game.

How could one find those articles on this site?  Well I’ve only been adding Metagame articles so far, so try going up to my search bar in the upper right of the site and typing in (Metagame Archive).  This should give you a list of everything I’ve added so far.  Or you could use the Categories drop down bar (found in the upper left) to pick ‘Metagame.com’ or a specific author.  There’s a lot of articles (only about half of which are still out there), so it will take some time to get them all here.

Enjoy the nostalgic reads!