Vs. System Archive Update

As a convience, I’ve decided to make the top post on this blog an ‘update’ post.  Here I’ll post what’s added to the archive each month.  That way, visitors will know what’s ‘new’ since their last visit without scrolling through each month.

May 2010:

Mary Van Tyne (Metagame)
Metagame Staff (Metagame)
Rian Fike (Metagame)

April 2010:

Graham Van Leeuwen (Metagame)
Shane Wiggans (Metagame)
Tim Willoughby (Metagame)

March 2010:

Doug Tice (Metagame)
Geordie Tait (Metagame)
Toby Wachter (Metagame)

February 2010:

Alex Shvartsman (Metagame)
Anand Khare (Metagame)
Ben Kalman (Metagame)
Ben Seck (The) (Metagame)
Brian-David Marshall (Metagame)
Brian Kibler (Metagame)
Danny Mandel (Metagame)
Dave Humpherys (Metagame)
David Spears (Metagame)
Hans Joachim Höh (Metagame)
Jason Grabher-Meyer (Metagame)
Matt Hyra (Metagame)
Melody Maysonet (Metagame)
Michael Barnes (Metagame)
Mike Hummel (Metagame)
Nate Price (Metagame)
Olav Rokne (Metagame)
Patrick Sullivan (Metagame)
Paul Ross (Metagame)

January 2010:

Alex Brown (Metagame)
Andrew Yip (Metagame)
Antonino De Rosa (Metagame)
Ben Drago (Metagame)
Brandon Male (Metagame)
Brandon Soares (Metagame)
Brian Hacker (Metagame)
Dave Smith (Metagame)
David Taylor Marks (Metagame)
Dean Sohnle (Metagame)
Gary Wise (Metagame)
Ian Estrin (Metagame)
Jacob Rabinowitz (Metagame)
Jason Hager (Metagame)
Jeff Donais (Metagame)
Josh Witanen (Metagame)
Justin Gary (Metagame)
Karl Horn (Metagame)
Maik Stich (Metagame)
Metagame Staff (Metagame)
Mike Flores (Metagame)
Omeed Dariani (Metagame)
Press Release (Metagame)
Russell Pippin (Metagame)
Scott Elliott (Metagame)
Scott Hunstad (Metagame)
Star City Events (Metagame)
Steve Garrett (Metagame)
Ted Knutson (Metagame)

Vs. System Archive

I’ve been busy lately.  I’m a content contributor and moderator over at vssystem.org.  But I’m also currently a member of the Vs. System Council.  Despite all this, I thought I’d come back to my old stomping ground and give this place some new purpose.  Vscorps will now be used as an archive of all things Vs.

Why?  UDE shut down Metagame.com; Vsrealms crashed on us; and many former contributors abandoned their blogs to rot (don’t look at me like that!).  I’m in the process of scrounging up all the old Vs. content I can find and putting it on here.  Starting with the stuff from Metagame.com.  Too many useful articles were lost when that site went down.  Articles that would be very helpful to those just getting into the game.

How could one find those articles on this site?  Well I’ve only been adding Metagame articles so far, so try going up to my search bar in the upper right of the site and typing in (Metagame Archive).  This should give you a list of everything I’ve added so far.  Or you could use the Categories drop down bar (found in the upper left) to pick ‘Metagame.com’ or a specific author.  There’s a lot of articles (only about half of which are still out there), so it will take some time to get them all here.

Enjoy the nostalgic reads!

Link! He Come to Town…

Illustrated by Starshock 12

My favorite video games have always been those involving green pixies (except maybe Wand of Gamelon).  Don’t ask me why.  I’m sure it’s some deep-seeded desire to wear tights or something.  More likely it has something to do with my unhealthy fixation on all things green.

What does this have to do with Vs?  Aside from the word ‘Link’, nothing!  I’d really just like to present a link to you; or more acturately, links.  I’m going to use this post to link every article I do (or contribute to) for Steve Garrett’s site The Kamiza (now vssystem.org!).

Here’s what we have so far:


*Click on the picture to see other crazy-cool virtual cards by Guglio!

Jumping Ship!

Those of you that haven’t been at The-Kamiza lately may not have noticed that I have jumped ship.  That is to say that my content will be posted over there from now on.  I’ll still keep this address up because of my Infinity Gauntlet page and my Haves and Wants pages.

Thanks to those of you who have followed me through the months.  As of this posting I’ve dutifully put up just over thirty articles in just over thirty weeks (7 months).  In all I had over 6,000 hits, which comes out to over 200 views per article.  That’s still small time, but it was reason enough for me to keep writing.  I hope those of you checking in on me will continue to do so over at Steve’s site.

Speaking of which, I already put up my first article there entitled “Bee-Dazzled“.  Ridiculous, I know, but check it out anyway.

Peace out,
Vs. Corps!

Location, Location, Location

A business lives or dies based on its location.  Growing up I had always wished that Manana, the closest town to where I live, had a McDonalds.  Given that the town is off the beaten path with only a population of around ten, my dreams never came to fruition.  I wasn’t bitter though because I understood economics, at least at a base level. Continue reading

But I am le tired…

…Well have a nap then fire z missiles!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you have to go to www.iamletired.com  It’s an old site, but still a classic.  It sort of reflects my week… everything went to poop.  I got some huge sinus infection from mold in the vents at our school (from one of the science teacher’s lessons) and it all but incapacitated me.  I was still able to work, but when I went home I hit my bed like a sack of (insert generic heavy blunt object)’s.  Therefore, you got nothing out of me.  I am le sorry.

It also brings me to something I heard on The Ring Has Chosen (episode 59 I believe), where the Lost Hemisphere guys were lamenting the end of the Vs. blog.  They had some good points (there’s a reason they’re the best blog), but their biggest and best idea was consolidation.  There are many of us that only put up content weekly (less than that when mold strikes).  If were to combine a couple blogs here and there we would double the content and relieve deadline stress off each other.  Sounded like fabulous advice to me, so I’m throwing myself to the masses.  If anyone out there wants to combine blogs I would be a big proponent.  I’ve been begging for guest writers from day one, but this is a step farther in a very right direction.  If you’re interested, reply to this thread or drop me an e-mail at scottkthompson@maktoob.com!

Don’t worry though, I’ll still try to bring weekly content even if I have to remain a solo act.  I am already putting the finishing touches on this Wednesday’s article so you better get your tickets early 😉

See you then!

PS: To the Lost Hemisphere guys… Summer of Love rocks.  You make me waste my valuable prep hours reading your articles because I simply can’t wait until I get home.  You definitely deserve another Blog of the Month title!

Badonkadonk Butt AKA Rare.dec

As I proceeded to clean newly spilled chocolate milk off of my rare folders, I praised God for the inventor of clear protective sleeves.  I also though, “Why do I have so many rares that I don’t use?”  Most decks use a few rares, and some decks do use more than others, but Vs. has yet to make it to the state of Yu-Gi-Oh where its players shell out a fortune for the most competitive decks.  There are currently a ton of cheap competitive decks in every format of Vs.  Checkmate builds had very few essential rares and dominated the meta forever (whatever happened to them anyway?).

Anyway, screw cheap competitive decks.  I want to use my rares.  I want to find the most competitive deck that ONLY uses rares.  Maybe this has already been done, but I’ve not seen it yet so I figured I’d give it a shot.  For the sake of my valuable time,  I decided to limit myself to Silver Age. Continue reading

Gen Con 2008 – Super Crossover Sealed

Alright, I’m back from everyone’s favorite vacation destination… Indy!  I once again traveled with the Madden brothers (Paul and Eric) that I’ve mentioned in the past, but this time my roommate Martie was along for the ride as well.  Another carload of comrades from the St. Cloud area also came so I always had someone to hang with during any given time.

Vs. had a decent showing, though it was well hid by Upperdeck in the far corner of the room under a lone banner.  It was a Mega-Weekend so they had a Silver and Modern Age tournament along with various side events.  Since we arrived late Wednesday night with little time to prepare for the Silver Age event, we decided to skip it.  This was a bummer to me because I had some Spider-Friends shenanigans I wanted to test out in the Silver Age environment.  Modern Age never excites me as much because of its limited card pool. Continue reading

That’s Mr. Thompson To You!

I must apologize for a lack of a post this week, or at least an article.  I got a new math teaching job and I’ve been spending the week setting up my room.  Not only do I need to be ready for my first couple weeks of teaching, but my room has to look spic and span for Open House this next Wednesday!  Like usual, even though I don’t have an article ready, I did still work on my site some.  I updated my Haves/Wants pages from changes made at Gen Con.

Speaking of Gen Con, I picked up cases of the Batman and X-Men starters for five bucks each.  That’s 40 little twenty six card decks that I can use to teach my classes that wonderfully “math-related” game we all love so much!  I also picked up a simple math game that’s pretty similar to Uno for my lower math class called “Straw”.  We played Straw between all our tournament matches because there were always games going twenty minutes past time.  We even got Orange Soda Man from Vs. Realms in on the fun!

Join me next time when I unveil my Super Crossover Sealed report.  It’ll be on your screens Wednesday 8/27 when I should be caught up with everything else going on in my life.  Look forward to talking to you next week!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essential Collection – Pt. 1

Alright, whilst working my summer job and prepping (albeit very little) for Gen Con, I got a few of the cards done in my Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) Essential Collection.  I figured I leak some now, do my Gen Con report next Wednesday, then hopefully get back to finishing this thing unless some genius discussion topic strikes me. But that has never happened before, so I wouldn’t hold your breath…  Except you Eric and Jose, you two can hold your breath.  Anywho, here’s some cards…

Continue reading