It’s a Miracle! – Part II (AKA The Miracle Wonder-Drug)

PoopConfused by the title? This article is not about aspirin, or even cannabis (maybe we’ll devote a blog to that in the future), but about that oh so stimulating synergy of Shiloh Norman, Mister Miracle and Wonder Woman, Deflection Diva. That’s right, the team I chose to abuse Shiloh with is… Team Superman! In case you never noticed, Team Superman has previously unabused themes revolving around protected characters and attack redirection. I plan on using both of these themes because both are ways to steer your opponent directly into Shiloh. If you have no idea who Shiloh is, or what I’m talking about, that means you did not read my last article. If that’s the case shame on you; get to it!

***Warning: side effects of this miracle wonder-drug may include you reading the article of a noob blogger… and diarrhea*** Continue reading


It’s a Miracle!

Last Christmas, when I was busy praying for Vs.-related gifts and watchingMiracle on 34th Street the traditional Christmas movie fare, something caught my attention. I looked closely at the DVD box art of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and saw something I had never seen before. The Santa in the background looked oddly familiar. It was then that I remembered that they had to add a subtitle to the movie to keep it in line with all five of its sequels and prequels. The new subtitle was: ‘Miracle on Yancy Street’. Now I might just be getting this movie confused with ‘Star Wars’, or it’s possible that my opening diversions are just getting much more insane; either way, I was inspired. But instead of trying to find a way to abuse Yancy Street itself, which would pigeonhole me to Golden Age, I decided to settle for just a miracle… Mister Miracle to be exact. Continue reading

Beast Boy Bouillabaisse

This article is brought to you by the letter “B”.

Beastie Boys

For my first article I tried to avoid talking about a legend because it seemed like that was all everyone was talking about, and I wanted to be different. But thoseJean Grey legend cards just kept calling to me. They’ve even infiltrated my airwaves. Just yesterday I was listening to the Beastie Boys, and if their name wasn’t enough to drum up thoughts of our resident green machine, the song’s title, ‘B-Boy Bouillabaisse’ (pronounced bool-yuh-beys), would be. At one point in the song they even say, “Like a buffalo soldier I’m broader than Broadway.” Since our Beast Boy can literally be a buffalo soldier, I went about trying to make him bigger than Broadway; and when I say big, I mean big enough to bash that angry red-head back to Xavier’s mansion and show her who the ‘king of counters’ really is. My ambition was to make my Beast Boy about as big as a nine or ten drop. A minimum of 25/25 on turn six. Interested? Thought so. Continue reading

Collateral Damage

For the uninformed, collateral damage is a U.S. Military collateral_damage1.jpgterm for unintended harm or damage during a military operation. It is also a 2002 action film which tells the story of a Los Angeles firefighter Gordy Brewer (played by Arnold Schwarz-enegger) who looks to avenge his son’s and wife’s deaths at the hands of a guerrilla commando, by traveling to Colombia and facing their killers.* For the sake of this blog I will be referring to the former definition.

There really is only one team in Vs. that truly embodies what collateral damage is all about. One team, that whenever attacked causes harm that you did not intend. I’m talking about the Villains United and their Vengeance mechanic. Continue reading