Vs. System Archive Update

As a convience, I’ve decided to make the top post on this blog an ‘update’ post.  Here I’ll post what’s added to the archive each month.  That way, visitors will know what’s ‘new’ since their last visit without scrolling through each month.

May 2010:

Mary Van Tyne (Metagame)
Metagame Staff (Metagame)
Rian Fike (Metagame)

April 2010:

Graham Van Leeuwen (Metagame)
Shane Wiggans (Metagame)
Tim Willoughby (Metagame)

March 2010:

Doug Tice (Metagame)
Geordie Tait (Metagame)
Toby Wachter (Metagame)

February 2010:

Alex Shvartsman (Metagame)
Anand Khare (Metagame)
Ben Kalman (Metagame)
Ben Seck (The) (Metagame)
Brian-David Marshall (Metagame)
Brian Kibler (Metagame)
Danny Mandel (Metagame)
Dave Humpherys (Metagame)
David Spears (Metagame)
Hans Joachim Höh (Metagame)
Jason Grabher-Meyer (Metagame)
Matt Hyra (Metagame)
Melody Maysonet (Metagame)
Michael Barnes (Metagame)
Mike Hummel (Metagame)
Nate Price (Metagame)
Olav Rokne (Metagame)
Patrick Sullivan (Metagame)
Paul Ross (Metagame)

January 2010:

Alex Brown (Metagame)
Andrew Yip (Metagame)
Antonino De Rosa (Metagame)
Ben Drago (Metagame)
Brandon Male (Metagame)
Brandon Soares (Metagame)
Brian Hacker (Metagame)
Dave Smith (Metagame)
David Taylor Marks (Metagame)
Dean Sohnle (Metagame)
Gary Wise (Metagame)
Ian Estrin (Metagame)
Jacob Rabinowitz (Metagame)
Jason Hager (Metagame)
Jeff Donais (Metagame)
Josh Witanen (Metagame)
Justin Gary (Metagame)
Karl Horn (Metagame)
Maik Stich (Metagame)
Metagame Staff (Metagame)
Mike Flores (Metagame)
Omeed Dariani (Metagame)
Press Release (Metagame)
Russell Pippin (Metagame)
Scott Elliott (Metagame)
Scott Hunstad (Metagame)
Star City Events (Metagame)
Steve Garrett (Metagame)
Ted Knutson (Metagame)


One Response

  1. I am hurt that my articles have not been brought into the archive. Everyone wants to read about Tim’s antics in a slightly informative manner lol…

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