My name is Scott Thompson (scottkthompson on the forums) and I am a versaholic.  All kidding aside – WELCOME to Vs. Corps!  This site originally started with the Vs. blog bandwagon, but has since evolved.  The site now serves as an ‘archive’ for all things Vs.  If you have a Vs. blog that you no longer plan to update, please consider letting me add it to the archive as a convenience to new players.  After all, one ‘mega’ site is easier to maintain that 100 smaller ones.

Take some time to search around the site.  You’ll find a ton of fascinating content relating to the game of Vs.  Especially the stuff recently added from Metagame!  ENJOY!
Light Brigade

Oh, I almost forgot.  The site is called Vs. CORPS, so I would love for you to contribute if the mood strikes.  E-mail me if you’d like to help with the ‘archive’ project.  I’ll take all the help I can get!  My E-mail is scottkthompson (at)


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