Jumping Ship!

Those of you that haven’t been at The-Kamiza lately may not have noticed that I have jumped ship.  That is to say that my content will be posted over there from now on.  I’ll still keep this address up because of my Infinity Gauntlet page and my Haves and Wants pages.

Thanks to those of you who have followed me through the months.  As of this posting I’ve dutifully put up just over thirty articles in just over thirty weeks (7 months).  In all I had over 6,000 hits, which comes out to over 200 views per article.  That’s still small time, but it was reason enough for me to keep writing.  I hope those of you checking in on me will continue to do so over at Steve’s site.

Speaking of which, I already put up my first article there entitled “Bee-Dazzled“.  Ridiculous, I know, but check it out anyway.

Peace out,
Vs. Corps!